Calling Across Worlds: an evening with Ansuman Biswas and Guillermo Horta
FRI 22nd June 2018  |  9:15 p.m.-10:30 p.m.
£10.30 – £15.68
We welcome you to an unforgettable encounter between two worlds.
Indian born multi-instrumentalist Ansuman Biswas and Cuban vocalist Guillermo Horta will share an evening of intuitive music and dance. Exploring the points of contact between two distinct cultures and between inner and outer worlds they will open up new vistas.
You are invited to come and take part in this unique mystical journey.

Ansuman Biswas has an international practice ranging across music, film, live art, installation, architecture, dance, writing and theatre. Growing from his Hindu family traditions he has established a unique personal practice incorporating meditation, music, and improvisation into an integrated way of embodiment and compassion. His eclectic background includes living with wandering minstrels in India, touring with Björk, being employed as an ornamental hermit in the English countryside, travelling with shamans in the Gobi Desert, being sealed in a box for ten days with no food or light, making a musical in a maximum security prison, living for a week with absolutely nothing but what spectators chose to give him, being locked in a Gothic Tower alone for forty days and nights, singing for 24 hours non-stop, and even flying on a real magic carpet, to name but a few.

Guillermo Horta is a contemporary vocalist, choreographer, theatre director and artist, currently based in Spain and Austria. His work VABAS (Voice Awakens Body Awareness Synchronization) is the result of over thirty years of research into the health and expressive capacities of the voice and body through explorations in vocal, dance, performance and theatrical training. He is the founder and Director of Teatro de la Danza in Cuba, Opus Nigrum Dance Laboratory, Metaffa Tanztheater in Austria and Arte-Bienestar-Acción Contemporanea ABAC in Spain. Guillermo Luis Horta Betancourt has taken his work around the world to countries such as the U.S., Germany, Korea, Japan, India, Mexico, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia.

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