Yin Yoga with Live Music (Cello and Dilruba)
FRI 29th June 2018  |  8:15 p.m.-9:45 p.m.
£25/£20 Early Bird 20th June
Join us for a 90 minute yin yoga practice with the beautiful sounds of the Cello and the Indian Dilruba, played live by Chendo. Dilruba is Persian for 'heart stealer' and this stringed instrument has an enchanting sound which captures your heart in an instant. To compliment Chendo's cello and dilruba, Carolyn will lead a yin yoga practice focused on the heart.

Yin yoga promotes the healthy flow of energy along the bodies meridian lines (energy channels), in a similar (but less extreme) way to accupuncture. This yin sequence is designed to encourage the flow of healthy heart chi, or energy, around the body. When heart chi/energy is balanced we feel full of vitality, able to enjoy healthy relationships and experience inner peace and harmony. When heart chi is out of balance we can feel sadness and joylessness.

Our bodies respond to the relaxing tones of the dilruba and the cello on a physiological level. Science shows this relaxing music can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This reduces tension in the body, and enables us to release and relax into the postures.

In the practice you will be guided into meditation in each pose, and invited to drop into your heart consciousness. Allowing yourself this time and space often leads to insights into the self, and enables deep healing to take place.

About Carolyn:

Carolyn's is a yoga teacher and ayruvedic yoga massage therapist. Having trained in yin yoga with Sarah Lo, she has an interest in the healing power of yin yoga. She often shares poetry and readings during a yin class to encourage inward reflection.
More info at warriormodeyoga

About Chendo:

Chendo has played stringed instruments for more than 30 years and has studied Western and Indian classical music. He began playing ambient music as a resident in the White Robe Band in the Osho Commune International in Pune, India. He has performed all over the world and especially through the Bay Area and London. His most recent project, Sonic Valium, brought the wide variety of his talents to one live fusion of instruments and electronics.
For more info and to take a listen go to chendotunes

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