Trip the Light - Bows & Bells
SAT 8th December 2018  |  8 p.m.-10 p.m.
£10 - £2off whewith a bow or a bell
As the year tails towards the crispiness of the winter festivities we celebrate the conclusion of one cycle and the commencement of a new one by waving the resilient flag of independent dance and performance making.

Wear your best clothes, sport your most colourful bows and ring your most magical bells to join and celebrate a wondrous and intimate night of independent performance and a sparkle of hosting.


"There will probably be some music, but we'll manage to find a quiet corner where we can talk" by Meri Pajunpaa

This is a project about composing with words, movement and meaning.

Can I get closer to you by asking questions? Can a movement be a question? What do we need for a conversation to take place between us?
A recording from the past, words that someone once spoke, opens a gateway between two moments in time.
The physical body that connects us with the present, finds there an access to shared associations and memories.
As a source of inspiration I have used the writings and recordings of John Cage. A dead poet, a colorful character, who's child like curiosity invited a whole generation (and resonated through the following ones) to look at sounds and the world around us, in which they take place, in a new way. His thoughts and compositions serve as a playground for my creative process. Borrowing his words and his physicality, chopping and editing, transforming them into the present moment, into a storyboard of questions left resonating in the air, into an intimate moment shared with an audience.
Our poetry now is the realization that we posses nothing. Anything therefor is a delight (since we do not posses it) and thus need not fear it's loss. We need not destroy the past: it is gone; at any moment it might reappear and seem to be and be the present. Would it be a repetition? Only if we thought we owned it, but since we don't, it is free and so are we.
An excerpt from Lecture on Nothing by John Cage

Concept and performance: Meri Pajunpaa
Sound design: Michael Picknett
Outside eye: Kinga Jaczewska
Residencies:Zodiak -Center for New Dance , Akropoditi Dance Center, Workspace Brussels, Kutomo,Wild Card/ Ultima Vez studios, Vooruit, La Raffinerie (Charleroi-Danses)
Supported by: Life Long Burning

"Trigger" by Annamaria Ajmone

Trigger is a movable system, that organises itself differently according to the location where it’s being hosted. The system reshapes the geometry of the spaces and, vice versa, the space itself transforms the performance action.
The choreographic score, developing in the inside and outside of the perimeter of a geometric figure inscribed in the venue, is constituted of pre-established units of movement, which are arranged with one another in instantaneous ways. The audience is seated along the sides of the figure, so as to share the scenic space with the performance.
Trigger is a personal exploration that, for a limited period of time, aims at transforming a space into a “place”. This becomes a shelter, a crossing point and the nest of a body that, in a state of perpetual listening, amplifies the spaces which are internal and external to itself.

Trigger is a part of a choreographic project Arcipelago/ pratiche di abitazione temporanea, actions built to be experienced in non-theatrical spaces.

Written and performed by Annamaria Ajmone
Music by Palm Wine
Costumes Jules Goldsmith
Technical direction: Giulia Pastore
Production CAB 008 With the support of Regione Toscana and MIBACT
Co-production Cango/ Umano – Cantieri internazionali sui linguaggi del corpo e della danza (International Sites for Dance the Languages of the body) In collaboration with Teatro della Toscana

Trigger's performance is possible thanks to the kind support of The Italian Cultural Institute in London.

Lichtspiel Dance by Livia Massarelli

We are constantly looking for something, no matter what. There is always something to find, something bright in the dark.
Lichtspiel Dance is an invitation to lose yourself in the dynamics shapes, colors and sounds in order to find what you desire to find. It is a journey into deep and hidden places of our existence.
The hypnotic film by Walter Rutmann and the sound score by Maurizio Massarelli lead the performer in her internal universe made by light and darkness and invite us to do the same.

Concept and Choreography: Livia Massarelli
Film: Lichtspiel Opus I by Walter Ruttmann (1921)
Original music: Maurizio Massarelli