Joy Space: Laughter Yoga, Play and Ecstatic Dance
SAT 9th February 2019  |  5 p.m.-7 p.m.
Joy Space is the best way you can spend a Saturday afternoon.
Say goodbye to serious, boring life and welcome back the sense of wonder, playfulness and fun with a fabulous conscious cocktail of Laughter Yoga, Play and Ecstatic Dance!
This unique workshop is guaranteed to shift you towards experiencing more joy, fun, connection to yourself and others.

The workshop offers a wonderful eclectic mix of holistic activities that can help you to feel more awake and be more present, to elevate your mood and to induce some serious fun into your life!

What to expect on a day.:

The workshop will start with the welcoming meditation by Marc. After the meditation, Snow will make a brief introduction into Laughter Yoga, its history and its incredible benefits. We will then move into playful experiential exercises in a group using fabulous exercises from Laughter Yoga.
Our second part of the workshop will be dedicated to Ecstatic Dance with amazing music led by Marc.
We have also prepared for you a super unique and fun activity called “Disco Mattress “ that will leave you feeling nurtured and nourished.

Curious to find out more? Then join us on a day to find out yourself what is behind this bonkers activity!
In short, it is a place where people can be acknowledged and feel connection in a deep way that heals them from the current social climate with its limiting conditions. The workshop will end with the grounding meditation led by Marc. Our upbeat energising workshop is guaranteed to warmly touch your heart and expand your consciousness—all of this held in an all-inclusive, non-religious, non-political space.…BOOM!! With joy, dance and giggles get ready to elevate yourself!

Experience includes:

Welcome Meditation
45 min Laughter Yoga and Play class
45 min Ecstatic Dance with and an introduction to our “Disco Mattress” experience
Live DJ
Grounding Meditation

After we would like to invite you to join us for dinner at a local restaurant.

Meet JoySpace:

We are Marc and Snow, the masterminds behind the Joy Space. We are project partners who met each other at a Disco Yoga class earlier this year! With our combined passion for spreading joy and setting an example by conscious living we are on fire to bring inspiration for more positivity and lightness to your busy, hectic lives.

See you there for laughter, connection and fun! Marc JB and Snow

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