Jungle Fire Cacao Ceremony
SAT 23rd February 2019  |  6:45 p.m.-9 p.m.
A Cacao Ceremony like you've never experienced before.

As the moon transitions into Scorpio, there is a brooding intensity below the surface. During this potent time, we are creating a sacred space to journey with the cacao spirit, deep into our hearts and bodies.
Through cacao ceremony, visualization and conscious movement mediation, we will guide you to embody your inner masculine and feminine energies and explore your primal nature. We welcome your unique, authentic expression and we invite the exploration of your inner creative nature through movement and sound. It will be an evening to journey within and feel what is moving through your body, and to connect deeply with yourself with tribe.


- Special Cacao Club Jungle Brew - a spicy, sexy, energizing blend of Amazonian herbs (Suma, Macuna, Fresh Chilli, Coconut) and Ceremonial Cacao
- Jungle Rythm Sound Journey
- Opening and Closing Ritual
- Guided meditation
- Ecstatic Dance
- A space to grow and deepen your connection with yourself and community... And have a damn good boogie!

Tickets: £25 which includes your cup of ceremonial jungle brew.

Please arrive at 6.45pm for a 7pm Start. Doors will close at 7pm so please arrive on time to avoid disappointment.

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