TRANCE DANCE JOURNEY | live music by Sabio Janiak
SAT 15th June 2019  |  7 p.m.-9 p.m.
£30-£25/ Early Bird £21.55
Trance dance is a call to journey deeper into yourself... An invitation to cross the bridge of duality, dissolve mundane matters and dance into a more expanded state of consciousness.

In big cities like London, it is fundamental to create sacred environments and practises in which one can feel safe to connect, let go and expand. Rituals such as Trance Dance are vital to keep us in touch with deeper aspects of ourselves, to return home, to a place of love, joy and well-being. Trance Dance is the time and space for that. An opportunity for self-discovery, to heal body & mind, release any limiting patterns and focus on what truly matters for you, now, in your evolution as a human being so that you can live to your full potential!

What exactly is Trance Dance?

Trance dancing has its roots in ancient shamanic traditions, it has been practised for more the 35 thousand years in various tribes & cultures around the world as a medium of altering consciousness through dancing to powerful rhythms that help connect to our spiritual realm. This 'trance' state which can be compared to the periods of deep sleep & dreams, taps into the most subconscious parts of ourselves where true healing, clarity and insight can take place and unswears to questions can be found. This journey is a modern adaptation of such rituals for a generation of people that are part of a fast paced world that so often get's us lost amongst its numerous distractions. Trance Dance uses a blindfold, a transformational breathing pattern, intuitive body movements and powerful rhythms to help induce an expanded state of consciousness and loosen the left-brain dominance on our minds. Trance is induced with a rhythmic beat or rattle, which allows the shift of consciousness by stimulating the peripheral nervous system.

Guest Musician

We have the gift of having special guest musician Sabio Janiak supporting this journey. Sabio is a Depth Cellular Music Therapist, composer, multi-instrumentalist with acute sensitivity in working with dance and ritual. His approach investigates the phenomenon of vibration, sound and light in body mind and spirit using bio-acoustics, cymatics, physics, epigenetics, neuroscience and ancient cultural knowledge about sound and colour including mystic and shamanic traditions.
We truly believe in the healing power of movement and sound and are delighted to come together and create a beautiful sacred space for you to dive deeper.

Join us is time to celebrate and honour yourself and the gift of being alive.
We look forward to sharing the space with you,

Maria & Sabio

"My main focus is to work with sound on a micro-vibrational level, discovering how it relates to the physical body on a cellular level and how it can effect the make up and quality of even our blood."- Sabio

"I believe every human being has a power within them waiting to be ignited and I am happy to hold a safe space where you can encounter, manifest and expand through the sacred dance" - Maria


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EARLY BIRD: 20 £ + eventbrite fee [until 31 May 11:30 pm]
AFTER: 25 £ + eventbrite fee
DOOR: 30 £

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