Chant for Love & Peace with Radhika Das & friends
SAT 14th September 2019  |  6 p.m.-8 p.m.
LAUNCHING: A monthly evening of chanting where ALL profits go to charitable causes.

This launch events proceeds will be going to "Food for Life Vrindavan," a charity who primarily runs schools providing free education, meals, skill training and medical help to over 1500 girls in Vrindavan, India. Alongside this, FFLV works hard to provide FREE Meal Distribution, Cleaning and Tree planting, Paper Recycling , Organic farming, Sewing and Embroidery Centre (providing training & employment opportunity for village women).

Over the past 25 years of working at grassroots, we saw the intense hardships a girl faces without an education, Child Marriage being the most common one, where she is forced into an adult role at an early age. FFLV aims to keep the girl in school until she is 18 to prevent early marriage. We also encourage & support the girl to pursue university education if she wants.

FFLV educates poor girls in Vrindavan, empowering them to transform their lives and communities, through a service oriented approach, committed to integrity and excellence.

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Kirtan, call and response chanting, can seem a bit strange initially, but just like yoga, skydiving and falling in love, it’s one of those things you need to experience to truly understand what it does and how good it can feel.

Many people find it challenging to sit and meditate, but with kirtan, the struggle of ‘turning off’ or ’emptying’ your mind melts away as you focus solely on the singing, sound, music and mantras.

There’s no need to be shy as everyone’s voices blend together alongside the rhythm of the drums and the melody from the harmonium.

Radhika Das loves kirtan so much that he spends much of his time sharing it with diverse audiences, including university students, corporates and within the Bhakti Yoga community. He is a core manager for the Kirtan London project and helps to oversee its 6 Hour Kirtans, retreats, workshops and courses, as well as leading soulful sessions himself.

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