KIND Cacao Ceremony, Movement, Dream Weaving and Sound Healing
SAT 6th July 2019  |  6:30 p.m.-8 p.m.
£25/ £20 Early Bird 30th June
Charge up your Saturday night with a new moon dream-weaving cacao ceremony followed by sound healing to sooth and align your soul with its deepest desires this new moon.

Ritual and ceremony offer us an opportunity to align with the cyclical nature of being. A space is created to release, receive, weave, celebrate, honour and commit in community. When we balance ourselves to the natural rhythm of our living planet, our transformation continues, within and without.

Raw cacao is a powerful and potent medicine that can assist the ‘inner work’ and creative guidance we all need to stay balanced. It literally opens the blood vessels in the body allowing more blood flow through the heart, it is known to trigger bliss hormones, feelings of love.

Together we will co-create a conscious space together, tuning into our heart centre before entering a journey of dream weaving and intention setting.

With our focus set, we use the power of cacao to lift our energy into free movement, dance, expression. Calling in and embodying the essence of our vision. This will be a safe and loving space where you can gently let go and open into the joy of movement without judgement.

Sound healing is a time received on a cellular level. You will be lead on a deep sound journey using sibling harmonies, Alchemic Crystal Bowls and Gongs which create deep theta sound waves. these frequencies will move through you physically, facilitating the drop into a lucid space where your subconscious has room to explore and your body and mind experience deep rest.

Our wish is you leave our time together feeling alive, connected, ready for the moon cycle ahead with a smile in your heart.

This KIND event will be lead by Jayna and her sister Bess who grew up in a family of music, they are both trained musicians and singers working together in band AYA as well as the healing fields of meditation and yoga. They share a wish to connect people back towards their inner selves, believing that when we create space to tune in, miracles begin and new energy for life is found!

Join them in this open and loving, non-dogmatic space made for you and your unfolding.

Important Health Notes:

- Do not consume caffeine or alcohol prior to cacao - Please go easy on any alcohol drinking the night before - and ease off or try not to get overly wired on caffeine Saturday day.
- Drink plenty of water to make sure you are hydrated before we begin, we will have water for you to drink throughout the ceremony.
- Detoxification can occur from cacao, if you find you have a headache you may be dehydrated, have drunk too much cacao, or are detoxing with the cacao’s assistance. Your symptoms will pass and there is no need to worry.
- Antidepressants with MAOIs contradict with cacao and can lead to severe headaches. Do send me an email beforehand so we can prepare another type of plant-based tea or tonic for you.
- Cacao is a vasodilator and pumps more blood through the heart. Be mindful of your dosage if you have a heart condition and listen to your beautiful body.
- If you’re lucky enough to be pregnant please let me know so I can prepare a small dose for you. Cacao is brilliant for pregnant women in smaller doses.

Things to bring:

- Wear comfy clothes that you can move in.
- Bring warm things for sound healing as your body temperature will drop.
- We will provide mats, blankets, magic and an inviting environment.


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