Trip the Light - BLEND IT #1
SAT 23rd November 2019  |  8 p.m.-10 p.m.
£10/£8 bringing 2 pieces of fruit
Trip the Light Fantastic is back!!


A night of dance and performance that permeates, participates and integrates.
A night that will bring us closer, gently blending the boundaries of the space between us.
Expect: to see movement, do movement and to be moved

Oh... BRING YOUR OWN FRUIT- get £2 off your ticket:

- Appreciation Society

Choreographed by Giuliana Majo
Performed by You and Giuliana
Dramaturgy by Cosimo Lopalco
Music Masquerade Waltz by Aram Khachaturian
Supported by Aerowaves, TripSpace , Centro Per La Scena Contemporanea

Appreciation Society is Giuliana Majo's lecture-performance and artistic research on audience energetics The investigation lies in noticing the effects that dance and performance have on us when we are audience members.
What traces does watching movement leave? What emotions does it stir? How can we prepare ourselves to contribute to the unfolding of the performance in the best way we can and live our audience membership to its fullest.
In the belief that living fully is an act of radical courage Giuliana Majo surreptitiously seeks ways to encourage such vibrancy of living within the spectator's position. At the end of the day both performers and spectators play a major role in the successful unfolding of the performance.

So: how can we become the BEST... audience members.... we can possibly be?
Come and watch Appreciation Society to find out!

-UN/DRESS Moving Painting

Choreography: Masako Matsushita
Sound artist: Federico Moschetti
Assistant production: Paolo Paggi
Thanks to the support of: Gabriella Biancotto, Lesley Millar, AMAT

UN/DRESS is a metaphorical performance that comes from the fusion of body and object with in a moving painting. Focusing on the exploration of changes and cloth migration, keeping the natural way of dressing and undressing, the piece becomes an inquiry into the role of feminine clothing and body in modern society. The body is strongly present and at the same time absent, is the central point of unification, hourglass of time, amplifies horizons indicating a crossover.

Italian/Japanese artist trained in dance and choreography born in 1986, Masako presented her works in several international festival such as The Erotic Cloth UK, Swallowsfeet UK, CivitanovaDanza 2.0 IT, Revnedans e Sånafest NOR, Drodesera 35° Motherlode IT. She was selected for the NID Platform 2019 with UN/DRESS MOVING PAINTING and she is involved in European projects such as Dancing Museum - The Democracy of Being - and Museum of Human E-motions as Italian representative.

Masako's performance is possible thanks to the kind support of The Italian Cultural Institute

-A whisper in the order of things

Choreography: Wilhelmina Ojanen

Performers: PaolaDrera, Miia Mäkilä and Kardo Shiwan
Composers: Jack Barton and Andrew Marriott

A whisper in the order of things is an homage to the details of our bodies and the world around us. This piece explores how our bodies coexist with the landscapes around us - how the valleys, rivers, mountains and plains of our body are in relationship with the places we come from. What memories of places and of land are stored within our tissues and bones? This work journeys through emotional states, embodied experiences and memories of places, delving into individual and collective stories of bodies and landscapes.

Wilhelmina Ojanen is a Finnish-born, Chilean-raised contemporary dance artist based between London and Finland. Wilhelmina completed her training at Trinity Laban, graduating with a Distinction from her Master’s in Dance Performance - Transitions. As a performer, Wilhelmina has most recently worked with Hagit Yakira, Richard Chappell, Jarkko Partanen, Ben Wright and Stephanie Schober. Wilhelmina is an accredited Authentic Flow Yoga Teacher.
An emerging choreographer, Wilhelmina is currently a Young Associate Artist at Sadler's Wells. She has recently made work for Sadler’s Wells Lilian Baylis Studio, The Place Theatre and the Laban Theatre, and she premiered her large-scale piece LAND at Sadler’s Wells Main Stage in July 2019.

A whisper in the order of things was supported by TripSpace during the Summer Artistic Residency 2019 programme.


TRACKS by Unbaptised Infants

Choreography, sound composition and performance by Lorea Burge and Hannah Parsons

TRACKS is a series of short (and not too serious) works by Unbaptised Infants.
Each track is between 2-10 minutes and are assembled uniquely for each event like a set-list.
Returning to the basics of dancing and singing together, each track is a kind of ritual.
We expel our internal chaos through rhythm, harmony and not-quite-harmony, re-ordering it into something that feels more or less coherent.

Hannah and Lorea are independent dance artists and have been collaborating together under the name Unbaptised Infants since 2015. Their work has previously been supported by The Place, Dance4, Yorkshire Dance, TPD, TripSpace, 4bid and West Yorkshire Playhouse. They are currently associate members of SET studios, a guardianship scheme for artists.

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