Trip The Light Fantastic Toe: Superstars & Supernaturals
SAT 12th April 2014  |  8 p.m.-11 p.m.
£8/£7 in dresscode
Being this Trip the Light so close in time to the celebration of Easter, we have decided to be seduced by such supersonic, etheric and transcendental calling. The theme is: SUPERSTARS & SUPERNATURALS their various and disparate forms: ecstatic personalities, godly figures, untouchable celebrities, characters larger than life....tender, graceful, statuesque, naff, horrific, terrific, cool, sick...
Expect an evening full of of short pieces, rough cuts, improvised artistic delicacies, theatrical gems, dance endeavours performative social interaction, theatre sports and party on stage.

Advice for the evening: bring your Self, let your hair down, and take it with a pinch of salt...Wear stars and get £1 off!

This performance will be starring:

Are you Lonesome tonight by Ellie Stamp: link

Freud and Madonna's Last Shag by Thick and Tight

Here She Comes by Alexandrina Hemsley

Creation by Moving Metaphor Theatre

The Haunted Surface by Tim Spooner link

La différence s'appelle l'amour by Brisk and Bijou