Yoga+Sound Bath
SUN 9th February 2014  |  3 p.m.-5 p.m.
£15-£12conc. Buy ticket on the door
An hour restorative Hatha Yoga class followed by a Sound Bath experience.

This yoga practice will let you move beyond old patterns and reconnect with your deeper self. Moving through a series of asanas that focus on opening chakras or channels to activate the fresh energy and positive influence that comes with the new year. Leading into a final relaxation, preparing the body for a Sound Bath.

A Sound Bath is an experience of sound and vibration. It is an improvised flow of sounds in which Marco Florio will play Himalayan Bowls, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Gongs. The term "Sound Bath" is used because you are "bathed" in the vibrations of these beautiful instruments. During a typical Sound Bath participants lie on the floor, or in a comfortable position, and just take in the sounds.

Marco has studied sound therapy at the British Academy Of Sound Therapy for the past three years. He has always been around sound in different forms and media.