One Minute You Win, Sixty Seconds You Loose Film Night
SUN 2nd March 2014  |  6 p.m.-9 p.m.
OMYW,SSYL One Minute Film Festival + 'I Walked With A Zombie'

'I Walked With A Zombie' 1943 Jacques Tourneur


Out of the West Indian Island comes a tale of terror and Voodoo of Witch craft and Zombies and all the weird black magic that the white man seldom sees.

It is a tale of brother against brother and their love for a woman who lived with the dead and it is also the tale of a young nurse who never believed such things could happen.


‘Are you trying to tell me that the voodoo priest could cure Mrs Holland’

‘That I doubt’

singing – chanting

This is the ceremony of voodoo death. A ceremony that seeks the life of a woman who lives for ever who walks with the dead.

OMYW,SSYL One Minute Film Festival

This months submissions are to be made under the normal guidelines found on the

festival page, however this month we are asking for films to be made with the concept of “I Walked With…”

As always films can either be uploaded via the festival page or emailed.

Rest assured all films will be screened.