Trip-Tic Improvisation
SAT 22nd February 2014  |  7:30 p.m.-11 p.m.
£7 buy tickets on the door
Curated by the Trip The Light Team: a tryptic of improvisations sprouting from different artistic backgrounds and meeting in the same playground. A celebration of the techniques of improvisation. Join us and our invited artists into the unchartered worlds that improvisation creates.

Chill out party to follow, dance your lazy side.

Please be aware this one will be a shoe free event, bring your best and warm socks

Starring amongst others:

Robert Hart
"Loops of Super-8 film are fed through projectors, painted and exposed to heat in real-time. Glimpsed images appear and patterns briefly coalesce before chemical manipulation contorts and eventually destroys them. Simultaneously, the images are tracked and converted into an improvised score, which jostles homemade electronics, amplified household objects, vocal murmurs and gurgling liquids into a complex network of feedback loops and distortions."

Amara Raheem & Tobias Sturmer

Polbrone is a new music project of brothers Andrea Salvatici and Simone Salvatici (Clorinde). Their music fluctuates between musical improvisation, sound exploration and evolving drones. Polbrone likes contrasting effects, melodies that gradually destroy and decay, combining acoustic instruments with digital processing. Expect noisy glitches, trascendental drones and uplifting harmonies