Sea Shanties
SUN 30th November 2014  |  7 p.m.-10 a.m.
£8 in advance/ £5c
This month the Trad Academy Sea Shanty Choir return to TripSpace in Haggerston to host a very special evening of music and film in aid of the Hebron International Resources Network.

We are excited to be featuring the powerfully mesmeric artwork of Sonia Levy who recently returned from a residency in Iceland. Chris Venables, who has been a regular member of the choir for some time, will also be presenting images from the city of Hebron in Palestine where he has been working as an international observer.

All proceeds from this event will go towards meeting the needs of the community of Khallet Al Furn in the Hebron district of the West Bank where the Israeli military destroyed six homes in June of this year. The families of Khallet Al Furn are being supported by the Hebron International Resources Network. HIRN is an international organization based in the West Bank city of Hebron; its mission is to serve the most needy Palestinians. HIRN is run on purely voluntary basis.

--- Sonia Levy is a French artist living and working in London. Tonight she will be presenting video from her recent travels in Iceland, where she was hosted by the Húsavík Research Center on Marine Mammals to develop a research project based on whalebones. In her work the focal subjects are the nonhumans. They are animals, stones, inorganic compounds, processes shown in the making or results of those elemental forces. The artistic gesture has become a way of registering the feeling of being surrounded by others or more abstractly by otherness, something that is not the self.

— Hebron has been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967. It is the only city in Palestine in which Israeli settlers live side-by-side with Palestinians. Over 800 soldiers are stationed in the city to keep what little peace there is. Chris Venables recently returned from working there as an international observer - through images and sound he'll be creating a picture of what life is like under military occupation.