Trance Dance Ceremony with Leo Rutherford
SUN 28th September 2014  |  10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Full Price £80-Low wage £70
Due to public demand and the great success of Spring Awakening event 2014, we are again honoured to host The Shaman Leo Rutherford ( who will lead this profound ceremony. With over 30 years facilitating workshops, sweat lodge, vision quest and Trance Dance, Leo is considered an elder of the Shamanic community.

Trance Dance Ceremony London is a moving meditation where we are carried, supported by the rhythm of the drum and the beat of our hearts true nature.

Paul Cerigo dancer and musician, will be co-facilitating Leo with his eclectic percussive soundscapes. He brings a unique blend of Brazilian and African beats. Paul has trained and worked with Leo since the 90's and has been playing music for dance ceremony and ritual ever since..

'The space is beautiful, the drumming is amazing, I felt like I was in a great big family'...participant May 2014

On this day you will be invited to move through the elements of the medicine wheel, experience authentic movement, The day will include a blindfold dance.

We dance for ourselves our communities and our ancestors.

Open to everyone, all that is needed is your willingness to be open to the process and ceremony. We will create a safe space to witness and honour each other's dance seen by our own one day community with encouragement and integrity.

Please bring your printed ticket with you to the event.

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Limited numbers so please book early! Early bird 65... till September 8 2014

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