How Literature Can Save Your Life (Usually)
FRI 1st November 2013  |  8 p.m.-9 p.m.
£7-£5 conc buy tickets on the door
An eccentric lecture-performance as bonkers as its host, this theatrical event combines humour, absurdity and literary wisdom.

Join self-proclaimed 'World Renowned Literary Therapy Guru' Dr S. Hislop (Msc Hons PhD LitPsych MSP XYZzzz) for a mind-bending, life-changing, soul-shaking introduction to the transformative powers of Literary Therapy and Analysis.
In this series of extraordinary lectures, the self-esteemed Dr Hislop will guide you through the principles, theory and practice behind her utterly unique (she is the only practitioner in the world!!) literary-analytical psychological method.

Stay for the after party with music by Padawan and drown your sorrows in a themed cocktail!

November's Lecture: Mad, Bad & Suicidal

What can we learn from Literature's tragic pin ups - The Great Three - Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf & Sylvia Plath? (Lecture open to men. Brave men.)

This lecture series is brought to you by Slip of Steel link , creators of How Does a Snake Shed its Skin at Yard Theatre (2013); Of Women and Horses I Have Known at Underbelly, Edinburgh and Camden People's Theatre (2010/11). The Artistic Director of Slip of Steel, writer and performer Susanna Hislop link has also taught several Poetry Courses at the Idler Academy.