Welcome Mischa Varmuza

Aug. 22, 2016, 10:29 a.m. by Giuliana
We are thrilled to announce that from the 7th of September we will be welcoming Mischa Varmuza to our Studio.

Mischa will be taking care of Wednesdays 6:45-7:45pm link .

Yoga forms the framework of Mischa's life. It encouraged her to find her true path with an open heart. It has brought her strength, flexibility and discipline both on and off the mat whilst constantly reminding her to stay present, open and compassionate. To find space between thoughts and actions, to look for lightness in the dark moments and get up smiling if she falls. Teaching has given Mischa an avenue to share her devotion to yoga and offer guidance for others to experience the practice for themselves.

Mischa trained under the expert eye of Claire Missingham. Following her teacher training, she spent 6 months in India immersed in the path of bhakti (devotional) yoga study, teaching and travel; experiences which have deeply influenced her personal practice and teaching approach. She is dedicated to continuing her study, practice and professional development and attends classes, training and workshops in the UK and abroad with leading teachers. She is eternally grateful to each an every one of her teachers.

Mischa is also a fully trained naturopath, nutritional therapist, iridologist and reiki practitioner..

Website: www.mischavarmuza

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