Oct. 24, 2016, 2:10 p.m. by Giuliana
Across the next 5 months (Nov-Apr) we have invited 4 visual artists to inhabit the walls of arch 340.

Each artist will preview launch on Thursdays and will exhibit for 4 weeks

The artwork is on sale.

Come to enjoy and experience the work of these fresh artistic voices, join us for each preview... and take a month to think which piece you might want to buy!

Holly Vaughan | SIREN
Preview Launch Thursday 24th November 2016
Exhibition Fri 25th Nov- Sun 18th Dec

The images from the unique photolitho print series, ‘’SIREN’’, originally stills, are taken from the film ‘’Siren’s Meeting’’ by Holly Vaughan. ‘’SIREN’’ began with a steel, plaster and latex figure loosely based on the human form. A female model was filmed interacting and communicating through behavior, performance and movement – the fully breathing with the never before breathed. The photolitho process used is able to retain the nature of the previous digital state of the original image. Fragments of detailed pixels lay amongst the various textures and cracks depicted in the ink, integrating two different eras. She believes in working with the strengths and characteristics of her materials with awareness that they have a life of their own, independent of the maker, allowing the work to naturally unfold - the beauty of rest, the ease of breathing, knowing that there is harmony when wholeness is offered.

Jose Gomez | Self-portraits
Preview Launch Thursday 12th January 2017
Exhibition Fri 13th Jan - Sat 4th Feb

Metallic surfaces and reflections have a charming and mysterious quality in the art of self-portraiture. Self-portraiture art is psychological evidence of not always objective reflections of the viewers and their personalities. This series has a spiritual nature and energy to discern the human reaction with the glossy and colourful finish. The illusion of the reflective material almost appearing to be in motion like water, it gives a big visual impact to the wall space; embodying the materiality, light and reflection of infinite space.
With this series of minimal paintings, Jose's aim is to explore and to pleasure our visual organism, based in the interpretation of our appearance, on the scheme of observation that make possible an emotional response.

Elisa Vassena | somethink
Preview Launch Thursday 9th Feb 2017
Exhibition Fri 10th Feb - Sat 4th March

Somethink exhibits are a series of linocut prints, brought together by the use of sharp and clear linear patterns on a bold bed of colour. The imagery are a transposition of drawings taken from old and more recent sketchbooks, weaving in and out of bodies, text and geometry.

Karolina Gordon | Symbol Formations
Preview Launch Thursday 9th March 2017
Exhibition Fri 10th March - Sat 1st April

From intaglio printmaking, Karolina’s work evolved into a 3D format. Small-scale sculptures ‘hide’ in containers, furnished with string and precisely arranged found objects. These collections are delicate mini-worlds to be discovered. Some are injected with illusion of life as they tick, twitch and move.
Inspired by the aesthetics of Joseph Cornell’s boxes, Karolina also draws loosely from ideas in psychoanalytic psychology such as containment, attunement, attachment formation and Object Relations Theory; the idea that early relations are internalised and have an emotional ‘life of their own’. Illustrating these internal relations and tensions in an abstract yet symbolic way is the main preoccupation of Karolina’s work.

Just Off the Wall exhibition series is independently produced by TripSpace Projects and curated by Pam Ceesay

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