Three Contact Improvisation encounters for beginners

Jan. 10, 2014, 11:14 p.m. by Montse
Due to popular demand TripSpace will host 3 encounters of back to basics Contact Improvisation

These sessions are designed for beginners or newly initiated contact dancers.

The fundamentals of the technique and its essential tools will be explored: supporting and giving weight, moving through levels of space, playing with passivity or activity of the body and enjoying the playfulness of the dance.


19th of January 11:00-16:30 Simonetta Alessandri and Rick Nodine

23rd of February 11:00-16:30 Robert Robert Anderson

23th March 11:00-16:30 Giuliana Majo and Laura Doehler

Booking required, contact [email protected]

1 day: £35/£30 conc

2 days £60/£55conc

3 days £75 ( bargain!)

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