Toddlers & Carers Yoga Class with Emily McGregor

Feb. 19, 2018, 9:35 a.m. by Montse

Fridays 10:30-11:15am £13 drop in/£24 for 3 sessions

info: [email protected]

Yoga postures, music, breathing, storytelling, and relaxation techniques are woven together to create imaginative and fun yoga classes for toddlers (18 months-4 Yrs) and carers.Yoga is a wonderful activity to share with your toddler. It helps them to develop agility and stamina and also helps with their mental and emotional development. As well as improving their concentration and helping them to relax, yoga offers toddlers a chance to connect with their bodies and to express themselves.


Emily offers a grounded and playful yoga class that promotes movement, relaxation, and mindfulness. She uses props and creative songs which my daughter now recites regularly. Emily allows the space for kids to be kids. She strikes a beautiful balance between being kind and supportive while also being directive in a way that keeps little ones participating and engaged. She encourages empowerment, happiness, and lightness. Yoga classes with Emily are the highlight of our busy toddler week; I recommend her without reservation.
Courtney Stefanowicz

Toddler yoga is such a wonderful change from all the other loud, high-paced activities we usually participate in. Emily is so kind and patient as a teacher and makes the class a really lovely experience. We look forward to it each week! .
Jess and Eva (22 months)

Emily is an enthusiastic and committed teacher. She is able to teach a broad range of ages from early years to teens. Her lessons are creative, fun and warm. Emily is reliable and professional and able to communicate well with children and teachers to make classes work for all in the space provided.
Mehala (Wise kids )

EMILY McGregor

Emily McGregor is founder, and creator of Generation Mind Body and Soul - a program for toddlers, children and teenagers, incorporating yoga, music, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, and self-belief. She has worked with children and teens for many years now. She is a Starchild yoga teacher and a Birthlight toddler yoga teacher, she also have a degree in music specializing in the effects music can have on developing children. Her aim is to help guide this potential-rich generation to be the happiest and healthiest that they can be, and to provide them with the skills to achieve that potential; skills they'll employ for the rest of their lives.
There has never been a more challenging, stressful or difficult time to be a young person and yoga, music, mindfulness, and meditation are amazing tools that can help young people to find strategies and coping techniques to deal with difficult situations in the best possible way.

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