July 11, 2020, 6:30 p.m. by Giuliana
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TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC TV DANCE & PERFORMANCE SCREENING a digital night hosted live by the historical double trouble choreographic duo Giuliana Majo & Jose Vidal showcasing a carefully selected collection of videos, screen-dances, digital dance installations created in response to lockdown and sourced via TripSpace’s public call out in July 2020.

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JUDITH MEISTER | Meanwhile | 10:55 min

The experimental documentary Meanwhile explores in a sensitive and experimental way how the city and its public spaces change during the restrictions. How the daily rhythms and movements change when we are locked up in apartments and the feeling of loneliness takes over.

Judith Meister ( director/producer/choreographer)
Josefina Maro (choreographer/dancer)
Samuli Salonen (DOP)
Salvador Marino ( music)
Alexander Graeff ( editor)
Lise Kruse (costumes)
Produced for MDR Corona Creative

Judith Meister:Diploma in theatre and film studies in Vienna. Active member in collectives: "kino5 Wien", "Kino Datsche" Leipzig, "NISI MASA" Paris. 2014-18 Freelancer as DOP+Editor, video + mapping for Theatre productions. Masterclasses at "TP2" 2017 + "PMMC Lab" 2018/19. 2018-20 video technician at Schauspiel Leipzig. Resideny programs Arte Alameda Mexico City + WISP Lab Leipzig.


A film created during the covid19 pandemic, connecting to the emotions that we are dealing with at this time. Confinement and distress and finding ways of leaving that behind. Starting afresh with renewed hope. Directed remotely and shot on location, following the guidelines in The Netherlands.

dance: Kaide Gonzalez
camera: Lisa de Faria
music: Freerk Lenselink
directed and edited by Nicola Hepp

EMILY ROBINSON | Seedlings of Time | 7:14 mins

I’m fascinated as I watch my father gardening; it’s like seeing a parent care for their young. In watching him, I crave too to be cared for. To be held and made strong whilst offering my arms to him in return. Through the precious allowance of time, explorations and re-introductions unfold.

Created and performed by: Emily Robinson and Glyn Robinson
Music and Composition: Alex Paton
Mentored by: Kimberley Harvey
Funded by: Groundwork Pro Cardiff and Arts Council Wales

Emily Robinson is an independent dance artist and choreographer based across both London and South Wales. She adopts both contemporary and contact improvisation methods to mediate often personal and political themes. Emily has created work for a wide range of settings whilst always aiming to keep social engagement and interaction at her works core.

ALEJANDRO FERREIRA OLIVARES | #postbinary | 2:39 min

About #postbinary: Two overlapped dancing bodies cope with their personal and shared binary qualities [old-young, woman-man, up-down, etc.], allowing those endpoints to touch each other.
This is the point where the hybrid blending takes place and a new otherness comes alive virtually. This otherness is BI and NOR; neither this nor that.

Original Music - Alex Soprano
Performance: Elizabeth Rodríguez Le Boulengé
Edition: Alejandro Ferreira Olivares

Alejandro is a chilean performer, music producer and [accidentally] video maker. He loves pop culture, dance, plants and sea animals, particularly jellyfish. He also likes the film <> and random things such as meeting new friends on Twitch.
He dreams about becoming a robot one day.


Scapelands explores our primal connections with nature and the effect of urban living on the human mind. With countries in lockdown due to the current global pandemic, the psychological impact of our physical environments is being felt more significantly across the world than ever before. Scapelands was commissioned by BBC Arts and Arts Council England as part of the New Creatives scheme.

Directed by : Katie Beard and Naomi Turner
Starring: Rose Sall Sao
Featuring: Folu Odimayo, Giacomo Pini, Harriet Roberts
Choreographer: Liv Lockwood
Director of photography: Sam Finney
Sound Designer/ Composer: Jeph Vanger
Editor: Alice Underwood
Steadicam Operator: Rafal Rakoczy
1st AC: Ernest Tu
Creative Mentor: Lisa May Thomas
Creative Producer: Jeremy Routledge
Commissioner for BBC: Jonty Claypole
Executive producer for BBC: Stephen James-Yeoman

Directors Katie Beard and Naomi Turner, make up LeMoon; a performance and film collective based in the UK. Their work centres around exploring the human condition and is deeply informed by place and personal experiences. Their first short film 'WAKE' has recently been selected for a number of festivals including San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2020.

Liv Lockwood’s work has been featured in Dance Films, Music Videos and on UK Stages. Her vocabulary is a hybrid of styles; a spiritual, euphoric & ancestral funk. Most recently Lockwood’s work can be seen in videos for AURORA, Another Sky, L’Devine, Nina Nesbitt, You Me At Six and Jack Garratt’s Visual Album ‘Love, Death and Dancing’.


ELLA MESMA | I am all womxn | 8 min

The future is female! “I feel it is important and powerful work to continue to see womxn breaking down stereotypes. I also think it is important to provide platforms for womxn to feel safe and united and able to speak up.” Ella Mesma Ella Mesma Company invited 33 female artists to take part in I Am All Womxn, a piece of lock down art which celebrated and talks about the female experience. Filmed in our homes all over the world (UK, USA, Portugal, Cyprus, Brazil), each section was choreographed by the individual dancing it in reaction to the lyrics, and the video which came before it, with the goal to celebrate womxn in our entirety and empower more of us to embrace every side of ourselves as womxn.

These are the wonder womxn who took part in order of appearance

Ana Rokafella Garcia | Insta: @bgirlrokafella
Kendra "KRO" Horsburgh | Insta: @KendraHorsburgh | Twitter: @kendrahorsburgh | @birdgangltd |
Ella Mesma | Insta: @EllaMesma | Twitter: @EllaMesma |
Rox Roxane Zana | Insta: @Rox_Roxane_Zana | Twitter: @roxanelondon
AZARA | Insta: @Azararm
Laura Dajao | Insta: @LauraDDances | Twitter: @xitsallgoodx |
Kayla Lomas-Kirton | Insta: @kayla_lomas
Jemma Mae & Sofía Fourket | Insta: @jemma.mae | Twitter: @jmaybe3 (Filmed by Zak Hamza)
Rowdy | @rowdyyami
Gemma Hoddy | Insta: @Gemma_Hoddy
Emma Houston | Insta: @BgirlShortbreadUK
Amanda Pefkou | Insta: @Amanda.pefkou
Bgirl Angel | @bgirl_angel
Rosa Carless | Insta: @warriorprincessrosa
Michela Di Felice & Hannah Betram | Insta: @Michela_Di_Felice @hanbertie | Twitter: @mikyta7
Rawgina | Insta: @rawgina_roberts
Jonadette Carpio | Insta: @jonadette_ Twitter: @jonadette_
Nefeli sMash Tsiouti | Insta: @Nefeli_Tsiouti | Twitter: @bgirlSmash |
Lara Rose McCabe | Insta: @lararose89 | Twitter: @lararose89
Jenn Gauss | Insta: @BgirlGinseng
Kloe Dean | Insta: @kloedean | Twitter: @mskloedean
Issie Lloyd | Insta: @funk_supreme
Odylle "Manti" Beder | Insta: @mantis_360
Elsabet Yonas | Insta: @elsabetter
Tomo Norimaki | Insta: @tomo106norimaki
Michaela Cisarikova | Insta: @michaelacisarik | Twitter: @michaelacisarik |
Lyra | Insta: @disciplineofrebellion
Joey Odro | Insta: @joey_jojo1
Sunanda "Sunsun" Biswas | Insta: @bgirlsunsun
Sam"Sammi-Jo"Haynes | Insta: @sammijo_makemefunky
Dani Sands | Insta: @dani_sands_
Julia Cheng | Insta: @JuliaChenghoa | Twitter: @houseofabsolute |
Words by Bridget Gray | Insta: @BridgetGrayPoet

An established professional artist with over 15 years of experience in dance and movement, Ella directs Ella Mesma Company, who create diaspora dance theatre that is personal and political. Ella is of mixed heritage and grew up in Bristol. She coaches under Maya Gandaia Ltd, and champions Business Yoga: A workplace wellness concept. Ella trained in Contemporary dance at Laban/LSCD, has taught yoga since 2012 and studied politics at Leeds university. She is also a breaker and a salsera with a deep love for Rumba which has led to her creating and touring the international Roots of Rumba since 2013.
Performance highlights include Russell Maliphant Company, Lea Anderson (The Chomondeleys), Break-in Convention and Olympics Opening Ceremony.

AMBER JARMAN-CRAINEY | Commute | 2:14 min

'Commute' is a short movement film that portrays feelings of literally being drowned by work life. A never-ending cycle of conforming to expectations. A sense of helplessness, of being ‘sucked in’, trapped and an inability to change and break free. Unable to map out a clear pathway to the future you desire.

Dancers: Daisy Rimmer & Pip Thackway

Amber Jarman-Crainey is a London-based choreographer, professional contemporary dancer and immersive theatre performer. Amber also specialises in creating movement for screen, short films and music videos. Her work often uses natural sound blended with movement influenced by the environmental context.

MARIA POPOVA | The Last Dance | 3.23 min

The Last Dance is a gasp for air, the drawn-out breath that eases the tightness in the chest, the yawn that follows the anxious breath.
This film captures the first time I was able to process the pandemic through my body, a body that is rusty from 4 months of lockdown, a body that is less agile, less fit, and less inspired. Though it is in this search for freedom that this body is able to speak again, or even, whisper.

Maria Popova - choreographer, director, and editor.
Sound Credit: Goodbye by Apparat

Maria Popova is a Russian-born dance artist, based in Leeds. Her practice is rooted in improvisation and interdisciplinary performance making. Maria’s choreographic work positions the female body at the heart of the artistic exploration, while her fascination with sculptural form can be seen as a running theme throughout her wider research.

CORINA ANDRIAN (Red-Cor) | SUNLESS | 7:26 min

DANCE = body + motion
How deep can you explore “dance”? What moves when everything is still?
The still body is alive. The pores breathe, the heart beats, the dynamic viewer is shaken.
How far can you strip down “body”? What is vulnerability when there’s nothing left to strip?

Directed by: Red-Cor
Performers/Co-Choreographers: Corina Andrian Mariana Gavriciuc Beatrice Tudor
Editor: Corina Andrian
Camera/Production Assistants: Keita Ikeda, Petre One?, Filip Stoica, Cristina Tudor
Music: Adrian Piciorea

Corina Andrian (aka. Red-Cor) is a Romanian film director and professional dancer currently based in London. Red-Cor looks at life curiously experimenting with the very fabric of life by blending time and movement into a surreal synaesthetic visual unity and aspires to an ideal tangible cinema.

LUDMILA GILLES | Collage(s) | 3:44 min

Collage(s) is a collage of thoughts and wishes. It is an exploration of self, questioning the 'who' through the eyes of the human being before the dancer. Do we only see what we want to see? Do our actions simply reflect what we qualify as representative of ourselves? Every situation is lived under the light of our subjectivity, which is itself built by our experiences. Thus, can anything ever be new? Or are we doomed to always see what would be a collage of our memories?

Video concept, editing and performer: Ludmila Gilles
Music : created by Louise Franck with Jeanne Caron’s voice and an excerpt from Esther by Yann Tiersen

Ludmila Gilles is a French dancer and choreographer. After training at Rambert School in London she will soon join Verve as a dancer of the company. Recent work includes performing at the Resolution festival in London, as well as working on a commission from Homotopia with Matthew Rawcliffe during lockdown. Outside of dance Ludmila loves dreaming, swimming under a starry sky, cooking for her family, and Dolan’s movies.


ANNA DUNLOP | Heirloom | 9:44 min

This was the house my great-grandfather built. It has to be sold, and will probably be torn down. I wonder where the ghosts will go now.
The music was inspired by Alzheimer's patients. Late stage sufferers can still recognize songs that were once important to them, even when everything else has gone.

Creation: Anna Dunlop
Music: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World by The Caretaker.
Special thanks to Paul Kelly, Wallace and Mary Dunlop, Maureen and David Elliot, and all the descendants of Bryce Dunlop of Northern Antrim

Anna Dunlop is a dance artist based nowhere and everywhere at the moment. She trained in Canada and Holland before completing her degree at London Contemporary Dance School and is now working freelance in Canada and the UK. Her work crosses mediums and explores exhaustion, authenticity, and horror.

PETRI DELIGHTS| Interframe | 3:00 min

Interframe is a remotely created dance film with choreography by Jason Tucker, design by Sonia Odedra and Maggie Campbell
Encapsulating Petri Delights’ ecoqueer aesthetic, alternate realms and mini performances are stitched into one virtual performance space. Where a series of uncanny creatures morph their bodies, joining and melting.

Choreography: Jason Tucker
Design: Sonia Odedra and Maggie Campbell
Sound: Adam Paroussos
Edit: Maggie Campbell
Creative Consultant: Rosie Reith
Dancers: Dead Arm, India, Alina Belyagina, Germany; Darcy Benham, UK; Vera Bundschuh, Hungary; Danielle Lee-Hogervorst, Canada; and Jasmine Lin, USA.

Petri Delights is an interdisciplinary collective which combines design, dance and sound to create alternate realms. Petri Delights’ practice deals with the representation of the natural world, the nonhuman, how that can be queered and what that means for our relationship with it.

NICOLA HEPP & TATIANA SPIEWAK | Tabula Rasa | 3:21 min

"Somewhere along the way strange times caress our skin. They turn us inwards and upside down - they press us against the windowpane, force us to stand still on a blank page.”
Tabula Rasa is a non-narrative film, encapsuling a moment in time, a place of limbo, a state of mind.

Dance: Tatiana ?piewak
Camera and Grading: Jeremi ?piewak
Directed and Edited by Nicola Hepp
"Allt Varð Hljótt" written by Olafur Arnalds
© Published by Arnalds, Olafur
Administered by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd
Special thanks to Sven Hasenjäger, Giulio Mauchigna, Louis Grant and Ólafur Arnalds


“Otrx tú” is an audiovisual production that reveales the intimate space between two people in confinement. They are like two particles agitating, combusting within this nest-tomb that is containing them.
They invoke sun and our relations. They jump and sinchronize in order to keep the light of their existence alive.

Direction: Andrés Salas, Belén Vega
Film Maker: Diego Sánchez
Performers: Andrés Salas, Belén Vega
Production: Núcleo Detonar

Andrés Salas and Belén Vega are members of DETONAR, a multidisciplinary group for artistic creation within the performing arts.


An inner journey searching for the source of an identity that is not affected by the mutability of existence.

Direction, choreography and performance: Guido Sarli
Director of photography: Tommaso Cassinis
Music: Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld
Editing: Guido Sarli
Color grade: Tommaso Cassinis
Producers: Tommaso Cassinis & Guido Sarli
Graphic design: Manuel Rodriguez
Special thanks: Ermete Ricci & Spencer Bamborough

Guido Sarli, dancer, choreographer and filmmaker. He dances works of renowned choreographers like Ohad Naharin, Jiri Kylián, Russel Maliphant, Alexander Ekman. He creates several dance pieces receiving different choreography awards. Parallel to his dance career he works in several audiovisual projects as a filmmaker and choreographer. He creates two short films, STAND ALONE and SOURCE both selected to participate in International Screen Dance Festivals.


Transcendental is a collaboration between Jose Vidal Y Compania and Kampnagel. It is a virtual and international performance experience, a space for encounter and multicultural creative experimentation through the zoom platform.

Creation &Direction: Jose Vidal Music Composition, Sound Design and Live- Music: Diego Noguera Berger Production: Catalina Avaria Arriagada Artistic Consultant : Pilar Santelices Zoom host: Darío Oyarzún Community manager: Darío Oyarzún Management Kampnagel: Christine Foken Dramaturgy and strategic cooperation Kampnagel: Uta Lambertz

Alejandro Monsalves, Alexandra Araya, Miguel Angel Pizarro Gutierrez, Ale Miller Alejandro Ferreira, Alexandra Araya, Artemisa Cifuentes, Camila Pimentel, Camila Quiroga Requejo, Carlos Ocayo, Carmen Ortega, Daniella Santibáñez, Eduardo Vega Pino, Elena Sterenberg, Emma Scaife, Federico Bautista, Fernanda Morales Gutierrez, Francisca Concha, Gabriela Hidalgo Anaiz, Greta Sandon, Habib Omar, Isa Pizarro, Javier Lecaros, Jose Tomas, Joshua Leyton, Juan Angarita, Juan Pablo Latorre, Luca Saez, Lucas Pinchera, Luis Vizcarra, Lukas Mackenzie, Luna Belen, Marahui Cárdenas, Marcel Torres Deik, Mariana Chavez Cervantes, Matthias Cachon, Mauro Vaca Valenzuela, Natalia Ramirez, Nibaldo Manriquez, Nicola Köcher, Norbert Dorow, Rebecca (Rebe) Shirin, Romi Samaniego Pincay, Romina Samaniego Pincay, Sara Luna Aylwin, Silvia Vivanco, Stuart Rios Montes Rey, Susana Meneses, Theresa Ramirez, Tomas Riveros, Vanessa Ortiz Aste, Ximena Puccio, Zoila Ramirez

Thanks to:
Amelie Deuflhard, Uta Lambertz and Christine Focken for their support and to all  the citizens from France, Spain, Greece, Japan, Perú, Colombia, Tanzania, UK among other countries,  who joined  our  sessions and were part of TRANSCENDENTAL.


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