TripHazard artists announced!

Aug. 16, 2015, 11:07 p.m. by Giuliana
We are thrilled to announce TripHazard: a brand new Arts Council funded project at TripSpace, from November 2015 to May 2016.

TripHazard provides a framework in which dance practices might travel between and across the contexts of morning class and rehearsal room; where relations between training and choreography can be defined, discarded, articulated, re-articulated and danced all over.

TripSpace will host 6 London-based dance artists over the course of the 7 months, each of whom will be in residence for a total of 3 weeks, teaching in the morning and researching new choreographic ideas in the afternoon.

The project will culminate in a night of performance on the 28th of May.

The TripHazard artists are:

Simonetta Alessandri
Amy Bell
Seke Chimutengwende
Rick Nodine
Petra Soor
Léa Tirabasso

Below are the dates you will find them in studio.
They will be teaching between 10:30am-12pm and creating in the afternoons

-Simonetta Alessandri 25th-28th Jan link / 22nd-25th Feb link / 14th-17th March link
-Amy Bell 16th-19th Nov link / 8th-11th Feb link / 11th-14th April link
-Seke Chimutengwende 11th-14th Jan link / 1st-4th Feb link / 16th-19th May link
-Rick Nodine 14th-17th Dec link / 4th-7th April 14th-17th Dec link / 23rd-26th May 23rd-26th May link
-Petra Soor 30th-3rd Dec link / 18th-21nd Jan link / 29th Feb-3rd March link
-Lea Tirabasso 7th-10th Dec link / 21st-24th March link / 18th-21st April link

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