Leila Sadeghee

Leila Sadeghee is a healer, yoga and meditation teacher, and ritualist.

Class with Leila is a celebration of embodiment: fun, deep and soulful. Come to develop a profound and awake relationship to your body, to become intimate with your own honest to goodness needs, and to practice self-care AS collective care. Students are supported to engage their inherent intelligence in the most loving and healing ways. Movements are cued in a flowing sequence and include traditional asanas and invitations to work inside the traditional asanas to find new ways to embody and experience posecraft. Her teaching reflects more than 2 decades of learning and teaching yoga, the body, and spirituality.

Leila is dedicated to dismantling systemic oppression as a spiritual practice and it shows in her offerings. She is the creator of The Practices of Leadership and Empowerment Yoga Teacher Training and The Practices of Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion, and is co-creator of the Vessel of Worth community. She leads daylong meditation retreats, spiritual pilgrimages, ritual healing events online, in the UK, and around the world.