Any person that has completed the disclaimer form at the Studio and has been accepted by the TripSpace Ltd becomes a Member of the Studio.
Studio means TripSpace Ltd, Arch 339 Acton Mews, Haggerston, E84EA. In this document Terms and Conditions means these specific Terms and Conditions and any other documents forming part of them referred to herein. References in the Terms and Conditions to the singular will include the plural and vice versa and references to the masculine gender will include references to the feminine gender.


1. Acceptance of a person as a Member is in the absolute discretion of TripSpace Ltd.
2. TripSpace Ltd reserves the right to expel, suspend for a specific period or refuse to renew the membership of any Member whose conduct is or may be injurious to TripSpace Ltd or other Members of the Studio.
3. Any Member so expelled will cease to be a Member of the Studio and will not be entitled to any refund for any period during which his membership is suspended.
4. Members must be aged 18 or over or have their parent or guardians written consent before becoming a Member of the Studio (such written consent must be made available to TripSpace Ltd on request).


1. Details of class times may vary from time to time and may be subject to change during the school holidays and festivities. These changes are published on
2. TripSpace Ltd reserves the right to change class times or cancel classes at its discretion.
3. TripSpace Ltd will notify Members of such changes as is reasonably practicable.



1. Details of class prices are as set out below.


£15 for 60 minute class
£16 for 75 minute class
£17 for 90 minute class


Valid for 1 month

£110 - 10 CLASS CARNET )
Valid for 3 months

Valid on all MON- FRI 7am-8am-9:15am-9:30am-5:30pm, Friday 1pm and Sunday 8:30am classes
Valid for 10 classes in 3 months
A carnet's validity may be extended by thirty days from the date of expiry for a £10 administration fee.
Carnets can be extended only once.
Carnets are non-transferable, non refundable.


The Introductory offer is £50.
The Introductory offer consists of unlimited classes in 30 consecutive days.
The Introductory offer is only available to first time studio users.
The Introductory offer is non-transferable, non-extendable, non refundable.



£85 per month, three months commitment minimum
No joining fee, 3 months (90 days) minimum contract
Valid on all Yoga classes.
Workshops and events are not included
Non-transferable and Non-extendable and Non-Refundable Non-freezable
Termination of rolling membership contract available only at reception desk and anytime after the first three months of membership use.


£75 per month, three months commitment minimum
No joining fee, 3 months (90 days) minimum contract
Workshops and events are not included
Non-transferable and Non-extendable and Non-Refundable Non-freezable
Termination of rolling membership contract available only at reception desk and anytime after the first three months of membership use.


£65 per month, three months commitment minimum
3. The Studio reserves the right to request a proof of identity to membership holders and card holders.
4. All carnets and memberships are to be purchased on the desired day of commencement (1st day of class).
5. Drop in classes, membership passes and carnets must be paid prior to class attendance.
6. TripSpace Ltd is not able to offer refunds.
7. Full refund will be offered in the unlikely event in which a class or workshop has been cancelled by the Studio last minute.
8. TripSpace Ltd reserves the right to make special offers to targeted Member groups.
9. The above mentioned offers are non-transferable and will have specific terms and conditions.


1. Members must register at the front desk in Arch 339 upon arrival at the Studio.
2. There shall be no admittance into the commencement of a class.
3. Classes are booked on a first-come first-served basis.
4. Workshops are pre-booked at [email protected]


1. TripSpace Ltd staff are not medically trained and are therefore not qualified to assess whether a Member is in good physical condition and/or if the Member can engage in any exercise without detriment to the Member’s health, safety, comfort or physical condition.
2. Members are advised not to undertake any physical activities without first seeking medical advice if they have concerns over their physical condition. When in doubt: Members should consult their doctor.
3. Members shall not use TripSpace Ltd facilities if they are suffering from: low/high blood pressure, cardiac irregularities, any infectious or contagious illness, disease or other ailment or suffering from any ailment where there is a risk, however small, that such ailment may be detrimental to the health, safety, comfort or physical condition of themselves or other Members.
4. Members should consult their doctor and must notify TripSpace Ltd of any circumstances affecting their health, which may be exacerbated through continued use of the Studio.
5. Members are responsible for informing TripSpace Ltd staff and teachers of any change to their health that may impact their ability to practice Yoga.
6. TripSpace Ltd reserves the right to refuse access to any Member if it considers that the health of the individual concerned may be endangered by the use of TripSpace Ltd facilities and services.
7. Members are required to follow the instructions of the teacher at all times.
8. Pregnant Members are strongly recommended not to practice during the first 14 weeks of their pregnancy. After that period, it is strongly recommended to seek a doctor's approval of any physical exercise before attendance at any session.
9. Members take full responsibility and are required to inform the Studio and all teachers prior to a session if they become pregnant.
10. Pregnant Members are required to notify the teachers prior to each class and seek advice for any specific modifications or poses to avoid during the class.
11. Dynamic Sessions are not suitable for pregnant Members, especially for those without a previous regular yoga practice prior to their pregnancy.
12. In the interest of the safety of the Member, the teachers and Studio reserve the right to turn pregnant Members away from a Session if the Session is deemed to be unsafe or unsuitable for the Member.


1. TripSpace Ltd cannot be held responsible for any particular class, teacher, item of yoga equipment or facility not being available for whatever reason.
2. TripSpace Ltd reserves the right to make alterations to the timetable, classes, teachers, item of equipment and/or facilities without notice.
3. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that he is capable of undergoing a routine of exercises provided by any class, workshop or course that he/she attends.
4. Members accept the risk of injury from performing exercises and using specialist equipment and are advised to consult their doctor prior to attendance to the Studio or to any class.
5. Property or belongings are brought to the studio at the Members own risk. TripSpace Ltd accepts no liability for loss or damage to the property of Members on the Studio premises.
6. TripSpace Ltd accepts no liability for injury to Members on the Studio premises or outside the Studio premises.
7. In consideration of their participation in the activities and programme of the classes held at the Studio by TripSpace Ltd and the use of facilities and equipment owned and/or under the control of TripSpace Ltd, the Member hereby waives and releases TripSpace Ltd from any and all responsibility or liability for injuries or damages resulting from their participation in any of TripSpace Ltd activities or use of TripSpace Ltd equipment or facilities save in respect of death or personal injury caused by the negligent act or omissions of TripSpace Ltd.


1. A Member is entitled to use the Studio’s facilities provided always that the Studio may at any time without notice withdraw all or part of its facilities for any period of time with notice, where practicable, in connection with any cleaning, repair, alteration or maintenance work or for reasons beyond the control of the Studio or TripSpace Ltd
2. Children under the age of 16 will only be permitted access to the Studio when they are accompanied to the studio by an adult.
3. Young people under the age of 18 will only be permitted access to the Studio with written permission from parents, except for the classes that are specifically programmed for their age group.
4. Footwear should be removed in the reception area before entry to the changing rooms or the Studio. 5. The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the Studio.
6. Lost property will be held at the Studio for a maximum of 15 days.


1. No crockery, glass, food or liquids (except water) are permitted anywhere in the Studio or changing rooms.
2. Other than with the exception of guide dogs, no pets are permitted in the Studio buildings or grounds.
3. Members must not walk around the Studio barefoot if they have verrucas or similar foot complaints.
4. Smoking is forbidden in the Studio.
5. In the event of a fire, Members are asked to make their way to the nearest available exit.


1. TripSpace Ltd shall communicate with members via email 2. Members must provide a correct email address to TripSpace Ltd and a declaration of consent to receiving email communications from TripSpace.
3. TripSpace Ltd will assume that communications have been received by the Member within five days of mailing to the last known address notified to TripSpace Ltd.
4. The Member accepts the risk that email may not be a secure and confidential means of communication and that TripSpace Ltd will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of communicating with a Member by email.
5. Members must at all times observe the Studio guidelines and are requested to comply with any reasonable directions which the Studio may issue to ensure the smooth operation of the Studio for the convenience of all Members.


1. TripSpace Ltd may communicate information regarding offers and Studio news or last minute changes via email or newsletter. If a Member does not wish to receive such information they can opt out from TripSpace Ltd newsletter at any time.
2. TripSpace Ltd reserves the right to take audio, photo and video recordings in the Studio and during classes. TripSpace Projects holds the full rights and rights to use such recordings for print and online marketing of TripSpace Ltd.
TripSpace Ltd will endeavour to inform participants when such recordings are made.
3. TripSpace Ltd will not sell, share, rent or otherwise distribute any personal information to third parties.

TripSpace Ltd reserves the right to review and revise this policy at any time and should this occur the amendment will be posted on our website.

The Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of England and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.