SEASONAL PRACTICE with Paula Andreewitch
SAT 24th September 2016  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
SAT 29th October 2016  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
SAT 26th November 2016  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
Three encounters to deepen your practice and flow with the seasons; late summer, autumn and winter. As the seasons change, the practices move with nature to unfold and uncover ways of staying bright and grounded as we move towards winter.

This series of classes is designed to be taken as a progression of classes or as classes that can be taken on their own.

The intention for this series is to offer a space for a longer practice, where students can deepen their practice and explore asana and beyond in a held space and a beautiful community.


Late summer is a time of year where the seasons begin to turn. It’s a moment to soften, come back to the ground after the lighter, airier summer months, and start the journey inward as the colder months slowly approach.

In Chinese medicine, late summer is linked to earth element. This element represents our relationship to mother, to receiving nourishment and to our ability to receive energy. Earth element is linked to our stomach and we will look at softening the stomach in order to find our strength, as well as creating space and balance in the hips.

We will start from the ground working softly and sequentially into the hips and lower body. We will look at our ability to find space by yielding to gravity and build into a more dynamic and creative flow that then slowly draws us back in and down into the ground for a full and long relaxation and meditation.

AUTUMN | CULTIVATE CLARITY | Saturday 29th October

Autumn is metal element in Chinese medicine. This element is linked to the lungs, and therefore the breath. It relates to boundaries, the exchange between inside and outside, and our ability to cultivate clarity. In this practice we will explore deeper into the myriad of profound and beautiful breath work on offer to us in the yoga practice. We will breathe, chant, move and restore balance to our systems to burn bright as the winter draws closer.

The practice will develop into a steady, mindful flow with some longer holds, exploring clear lines of energy, and intentional movement that will eventually take us upside down.

Metal element is balanced by cultivating community. Community is also one of the 6 pillars for success in yoga according to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. By practicing together, chanting, moving, breathing and offering prasad (some nuts/seeds etc) after class we can hang out together and make our community stronger.

WINTER | CONNECT TO THE SELF | Saturday 26th November

Winter is the time of water element. Its our connection to spirit, to a sense of self and our ability to turn our focus back to self.

This class will be a creative, intricate and full spectrum slow flow. We will explore our edge and investigate what ways of practicing really serve us on a deeper level. How can we practice in a way that contains our energy rather than leeks energy? How can our practice feed and energise us rather than exhaust us?
We will play with movement and rest, yang and yin, fluidity and stillness and finish with meditation. Learn techniques to keep you shining bright in the winter months whilst listening to natures calling for us to turn in, get quiet, cosy up and listen.


1 encounter | £25 | £20 EB FRI t
2 encounters | £36 | £32 EB FRI 16th Sept
3 encounters | £48 | £42 EB FRI 16th Sept

BOOKING REQUIRED: link [email protected]