SEASONAL FLOW w/ Paula Andreewitch
SAT 14th January 2017  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
SAT 25th February 2017  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
SAT 25th March 2017  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
1 encounter | £25 | £20 EB TUE 10th Jan
2 encounters | £36 | £32 EB TUE 10th Jan
3 encounters | £48 | £42 EB TUE 10th Jan


More info: [email protected]

Three encounters to deepen your practice and flow through winter towards spring. As we navigate the colder, darker portion of the year, let's explore how we can use our practice to invigorate, play and build strength and stability to support us in our unfurling and opening into spring.

This series of classes is designed to be taken as a progression of classes but can also be taken as stand alone workshops.

The intention for this series is to offer a space for a longer practice, where students can deepen their practice and explore asana and beyond in a held space and a beautiful community. You can expect to chant, flow, breathe, deeply relax and meditate.

DEEP RESET | SAT 14th January 2017

Although seasonally winter calls us to be quiet, still and turn in, culturally it has become the season of overdo!
We often think of new year as a time to set lots of resolutions, trying to change many things at the same time, which can lead to overwhelm.
This class will be like pressing reset. We will move with intention to wring ourselves out, clearing out any stagnant, stuck energy with a strong, slow flow focusing on twists and venturing into some twisted arm balances.
As well as a myriad of physical benefits, twists help us to consciously chose what we want to turn towards, and to be discerning in what is worthy of our attention. From that place, we can set our intention in a way that is integrated and sustainable.

CULTIVATE SUNSHINE | SAT 25th February 2017

In the midst of February, this joyous class will bring you some serious sunshine! We will play and explore and get upside down.
Investigating the architecture of inversions, and our ability to move with ease and grace, we will venture into an upside down adventure that will challenge and inspire, and help us to break down our fears, self doubt and expectations as we let go of the end goal and enjoy the journey.
With the fresh perspective that inversions bring we will then return to the ground to rest, and finish with a meditation.

UNFURL | SAT 25th March 2017

As we move into spring, the days get longer and brighter, and we are called to open and unfurl.
Just as seedlings unfurl into the sunlight to grow, so we will unravel and open into a practice that will open space in our upper spine, and the front and back of our hearts.
Often backbends are expressed in the more flexible portion of our lower, lumbar spine. This class will look at cultivating stability in our core and lumbar so that we can draw mobility up into the thoracic (mid-upper) region of our back.