The Society of Wild Beasts: The Song of The Body Workshop, morning class & performance
SAT 4th October 2014  |  2 p.m.-6 p.m.
FRI 10th October 2014  |  2 p.m.-6 p.m.
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The Society of Wild Beasts

(A.T de Keersmaeker/ les ballets C de la B)

Join Belgium based company: The Society of Wild Beasts in residence at TripSpace.
Its company members share a wealth of experience working with choreographers and companies such as:
A.T de Keersmaeker, les ballets C de la B.
As part of their residency they will offer a week end workshop & 4 days of morning class in which they will work on developing physicality and presence through articulate use of space, gravity, energy centres and voice exploration.

BOOKING REQUIRED: [email protected]



WORKSHOP 4-5 October 2014 2pm-6pm

The Song of the Body

led by Fatou Traore' and Claudio Girard

The workshop is divided in two sections.

A technical movement session lead by Fatou in which the interrelation of breath and movement and the use of gravity will be explored in order to encourage maximal exploration of the space and build connections within the different energetic centres of the body. The work will enhance receptivity, presence, creativity and communication.

An explorative session led by Claudio in which the inter-relation between voice and body movement will be investigated both technically and expressively. We will analyse the technical elements within vocal production from a physical perspective, with elements of BMC, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Laban Analysis and Dalcroze’s Eurhythmics. Some physical/ vocal improvisation will be part of the sessions as well as a more structured approach to the work.

It is possible to join Fatou, Claudio and the rest of the company in morning class

MORNING CLASS 6-7-8-9 October 10:30am-12:00pm

The morning class continues the physical work proposed during the workshop. The class concentrates on awakening of body and spirit and findig new connections within the different energetic centres of the body. The interrelation of breath and movement are explored and gravity is used to arrive to a maximal exploration of the space. The work will enhance receptivity, presence, creativity and communication.


Week-end workshop:£70/£60 early bird 20th September
Morning Class: £10 each (£30x4 classes)
Residency Package: £75 ( Workshop, 4x morning classes)
Performance £7/£6conc, £3 with residency package

BOOKING REQUIRED: [email protected]


THE SOCIETY OF WILD BEASTS will perform the result of their residency on FRIDAY 10TH OF OCTOBER 7:30PM

A timeless space, maybe a bunker after WWIII, closed from everything that exists.
No air, sound or emotion find their way in.
In a final confrontation, two ex- lovers meet after a long time, detached from the world and themselves, as if they were the last speakers of a lost language.
Four performers in a multidisciplinary performance inspired by Quartet by Heiner Müller and the characters from Dangerous Liaisons by Choderlos de Laclos.


The collective's aim is to explore dance, theatre and performance from an inter-art perspective. Music, movement, text, voice, visual arts merge, drawing from the different backgrounds of its members. This approach allows then a human, emotional and political work to come to life, searching more for questions than answers.


Fatou Traorè

An eclectic artist, insatiable explorer of movement and sound, teacher, choreographer, Fatou Traorè is active as an artist since 1989, dancing for A.T de Keersmaeker, Claudio Bernardo, Nadine Ganase, Joanne Leigthon, les ballets C de la B, Opiyo Okach,Jojiinc, Jaco Van Dormael. In 1999 she founds 1x2x3 and Studio Grez and starts her path as a choreographer, developing her natural interest for multidisciplinary performance art.

Claudio Girard

Is a singer, dancer and performer. He studied at Laban, Goldsmiths College and at the GSMD. Alongside creating his own work, Claudio has performed for Mobius, Theatralia, Bettina Strickler, Neo and for ‘les ballets C de la B’. He has taught contemporary dance and voice/ movement integration in the UK, in Belgium and in Italy.

Steve De Schepper

is a Belgian actor, director, singer, acting and language coach, and tour manager.
Steve has performed in repertoire theatre, avant garde theatre, puppetry theatre, musical theatre, operetta and opera.
He’s also active as a television and film actor : recently he took part in the BBC series The White Queen.
Presently he is touring Europe with the ballets C de la B production Tauberbach as tour manager, resident director and assistant of Alain Platel.

Sarah Bostoen

studied dance theatre at Fontys Dance-academie in Tilburg (NL) and graduated in 2007. Since, she worked with several choreographers, such as Arno Schuitemaeker (NL), Laure Dever (BE), Katja Graëssli (AT). At the moment she works with United-C, a performance company based in Eindhoven (NL). Next to that, Sarah creates herself and founded her own company: Compagnie Monica, based in Belgium.

Photo by Tuur Uyttenhove