GANESH: Rise Up Through Challenge | Myth . Mudra . Mantra . Asana with Mischa Varmuza
SAT 13th May 2017  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
£25/ £20 EB before 28th April


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A workshop to root deeply into ourselves so that we may rise up with strength and joy.

As we move into the warmer months of the year, the light and sun brings increased energy and it is a time when we can focus on aligning our energy with our deepest heartfelt intentions and stop giving effort to the things we fear.

Lord Ganesha is the Hindu elephant head boy deity. He is considered the bearer of auspicious beginnings and the remover of obstacles – but of course with a tantric twist, he doesn't just clear the path he teaches that when challenge arises it is an opportunity to grow and learn through all that life brings.

The asana focus will evolve through hip work and standing postures to more challenging balances and bold backbends. The sequence will invoke a strong sense of grounding, drawing energy from the earth and within so that we are rooted deeply to rise up with strength and openness into balances and heart openers with newfound softness and freedom.

The practice will be layered with story, mudra and mantra to explore our greatest embodiment of the practice.

All levels welcome.

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