Yoga is discipline (not a dirty word) with Stewart Gilchrist
SAT 3rd June 2017  |  1:45 p.m.-4:45 p.m.
£40 - £35 Early Bird 19th May
Booking Required: MINDBODY
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The definition of yoga is discipline.

But what is discipline? School. Work. Life. We have been told from birth to be how society, family, corporations want us to be.

So how does discipline bring about yoga and ultimately moksha. Liberation. Especially for the jivamukta in our lifetime.

The practice (abhyasa) of yoga and its many facets provide the discipline for this freedom to occur.

Astanga yoga and its 8 petals, hatha yoga, anna yoga (food), nada yoga and spitual sounds are just a few of the means at our disposal that have to be formed into a practical discipline in life for yoga to occur.


Stewart Gilchrist is one of London’s most popular yoga teachers leading inspirational classes packed with long-time practitioners and conducting annual teacher trainings. His soft Scottish accent and contagious laughter conceal the fierceness of what is to come. The asana is incredibly swift and intense but Stewart’s charisma, knowledge and discourse will carry you through the challenge, adding a newfound strength and stamina to your yoga practice.

After working as a teacher and completing his legal studies, Stewart literally fell into the world of yoga when he broke his back and embarked on a long process of rehabilitation through intensive Ashtanga yoga. He studied yoga and he began teaching the Jivamukti method in the early naughties. As his practice and knowledge flourished, so did his teaching style, eventually morphing into the exquisite, energetic practice of Yogasana. He is a Registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance and leads annual retreats in India.

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