Yin Yang Double Gong Bath with Simone Salvatici & Rida Kirasi
FRI 16th June 2017  |  8:30 p.m.-10 p.m.
£20/ £15 Early Bird before 9th June

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Sound Therapist Simone Salvatici (London) and Rida Kirasi (Istanbul) will facilitate a Double Gong Meditation .

For this special occasion Rida and Simone will work towards the reintegration and rebalancing of two energetic pole Yin Yang to help the system to relax, let go of unwanted stale energy and yet reactivate with new quality of prana.
The aim of a gong bath is to facilitate alter state of consciousness (ASC) . Many researches show that staying in ASC for prolonged amount of time may encourage a softening of the ego state therefore welcoming a more unified thinking, self awareness, openness, creativity, energetic shifts and on a physical domain lowering blood pressure and certain chemical in the blood such as stress hormone cortisol level.
Certain tones, intervals and techniques will have an effect on the overall physical, energetical and emotional level.

The awareness and clarity gained through this process can have a profound and positive effect on health and wellbeing.

About Simone and Rida

Simone Salvatici is a musician, composer, performer, sound therapist. He has studied Sound Therapy at the British Academy of Sound Therapy and took seminars with Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux. Simone through his sound practice aims to expand consciousness to a higher level (Altered State of Consciousness), to facilitate release, energetic shifts and inhibition of certain chemicals in the body such as stress hormone and Cortisol, promoting healing, regeneration, creativity and reconnection with the pure self. sselvatico

Rida Kirasi is a meditation instructor and sound healing therapist, graduate of British Academy of Sound Therapy. She organizes international meditation retreats and is the founder of VofA, a sound healing festival which is organized yearly in Cappadocia, Turkey vibrationsofanatalolia
She is also a yoga teacher, Chi Gong practitioner and dance enthusiast who believes in the connection of body-mind and energy and combines her interests in her healing works. ridakisari

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