Raw Food and Yoga
SUN 7th September 2014  |  1 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Join Ann Pidcock and Perry Haldenby for an immersive afternoon of Yoga and learning about Raw Food. What better combination can you think of!

Originally from Hull, Perry spent his early working life as the founder of a chain of cocktail bars . Soon however, this hectic industry started to take it’s toll on him, and he began to look for another direction in life, studying shiatsu, tai chi, taoism and later yoga, and most recently he blasts his workouts with crossfit.
Seven years ago he became vegetarian which was quickly followed by a raw vegan lifestyle, taking him to live and learn at the Tree of Life, one of the worlds leading rejuvenation centres. He then went on to enrol in a biodynamic gardening apprenticeship course, learning how grow to grow food and build the relationships with plants from the roots.
He now manages a raw vegan cafe in London – ‘Wild foods’. Perry also provides one on one mentoring, the purpose being to create meaningful relationships with those whom desire to engage in a meaningful life. His vision being of course, peace on Earth through unconditional Love

Ann (Annie Yoga) is a British Wheel qualified yoga teacher and has been teaching across london and running workshops and retreats for the last 6 years.
Her style is Hatha Flow which begins gently and layers and builds throughout the sessions. Inviting us to unlock our potential in a kind and nurturing way, dancing through the movement with a connection to breath and sensitivity to the body moment to moment.
Ann is also passionate about including the broader topics of yoga in her classes, putting the Asana (posture work) in to context.
What we choose to put into our body is a large component of this and led me to seek a greater understanding of Raw food.
I've experienced the positive effects that even the smallest of raw foods staples included into my diet can have and felt inspired to collaborate with the very knowledgable Perry!

Cost: £50
Spaces limited booking required: [email protected]