innersun | DANCE JOURNEY with multi-instrumentalist Sabio Janiak
SAT 26th August 2017  |  7 p.m.-9 p.m.
£20/ £15 Early Bird

InnerSun is a trance dance journey that focuses on energising your solar plexus, your inner flame, Tejas in Sanskrit, the power source that gives you confidence to move forwards and live to your full potential. You will be invited to travel down from the mind into your heart and the centre of your being, where deep transformation takes place. Dancing out of fear into power, out of doubt into clarity and insight, letting go of the old unnecessary patterns and connecting to your deepest nature. The journey is designed to raise the frequency of your body through movement, sound and transformational breathing and the use of a blindfold helping you access deeper states of consciousness.

We have the gift of having beautiful musician Sabio Janiak supporting the journey. Sabio is a Depth Cellular Music Therapist, composer, multi-instrumentalist with acute sensitivity in working with dance and ritual. His approach investigates the phenomenon of vibration, sound and light in body mind and spirit using bio-acoustics, cymatics, physics, epigenetics, neuroscience and ancient cultural knowledge about sound and colour including mystic and shamanic traditions.

We truly believe in the healing power of movement and sound and are delighted to come together and create a beautiful sacred space for you to dive deeper.

Join us for the dance of this season, summer, it is time to celebrate and honour yourself and the gift of being alive. Come nurture, ignite and express your innersun with us.

We look forward to sharing the space with you,

Maria & Sabio

"My main focus is to work with sound on a micro-vibrational level, discovering how it relates to the physical body on a cellular level and how it can effect the make up and quality of even our blood."- Sabio

"I believe every human being has a power within them waiting to be ignited and I am happy to hold a safe space where you can encounter, manifest and expand through the sacred dance" - Maria

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