Non Linear Movement with Mina Aidoo
FRI 1st June 2018  |  8 p.m.-9:30 p.m.
FRI 1st June 2018 8-9:30pm

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Non Linear Movement

The Non Linear Movement Method is a somatic movement practice that releases, soothes, sensitises and helps us to deepen into our vitality, joy and pleasure. The practice has been developed over the past 20 years by world renowned embodiment teacher Michaela Boehm

Movement is the body's natural medicine. However the stresses of our everyday lives and the way we live have left us numb to ourselves and all of the vibrancy, juiciness and flow that our bodies provide when they are operating in their natural state. Non linear movement works to unwind us back into our natural, joyful, bodily state.

As your body becomes more available to you, the practice works to: Release habitual physical and emotional holding patterns - More freedom from tension and stress Smooths out the nervous system - Deeper and easier relaxation Awaken sexual energy and sensual sensation - More juiciness and in balance libido Open access to bodily wisdom , experiencing life on a deeper level - More joy

The class
Lasts 75 minutes and done on a mat similar to a yoga class. Takes place in a held, private space Guided by voice and specifically curated music chosen for each particular class

Who is it for?
Those that enjoy movement/dance as medicine Those that don't get to move or are very sedentary Those that are interested in embodiment or other bodywork Those that sense their bodies as a pathway to liberation Those looking to start or deepen into a regular bodily practice Those that are on a journey towards self love / mastery Those that are seekers or are curious

Mina Aidoo is a London based choreographer interested in how embodiment and the psychospiritual realm relates to artistic practice. She is the author of Inky Black Woman; a bodily transmission through the written word and has worked professionally in theatre and film. She holds a BA in Contemporary Dance from The Place, London and a BA Hons in Communication and Cultural Studies from the University of Leeds.


£16 drop in
£39 for 3 classes (£13 per class)
£77 for 6 classes (£12.83 per class)