A journey into Chakras
SUN 17th December 2017  |  1 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
£22/£18 Early Bird before 11th Dec
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Join us in this special event exploring and understanding your own resonance through a guided journey into the Chakras.

Sound Practitioner Simone Salvatici and Yoga Teacher Pepa Ubera will collaborate together to facilitate a reintegration and rebalancing of the 7 energetic poles, the Chakras as per the Ayurvedic and Indian lineage to help the system to let go of unwanted, accumulated stale energy and yet reactivate with new quality of Prana. The workshop is focused in this specific time of the year in order to reflect and celebrate the self. The restorative yoga practice will be accompanied and supported by sound all way through the class followed by soothing and cleansing Gong bath.

Simone and Pepa have collaborated since 2014 creating a variety of experiences that include Yoga, Meditation, Sound workshops, and performances crossing the boundaries between art and spiritual practice.

Pepa Ubera is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She is a Sivananda qualified teacher and earlier this year she completed studies in cosmic healing in Varanasi, India. Pepa believes that everyone can dance and her classes provide a playful way to understand that yoga is as much a physical journey as it is spiritual. She ensures that all of her students feel safe by focusing on basic alignment while bringing visualisations and sound to activate imagination and self transformation.
Simone Salvatici is a musician, composer, sound therapist. He has studied at the British Academy of Sound Therapy and took seminars with Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux. Through his sound practice Simone aims to expand consciousness to a higher level, Altered State of Consciousness, to facilitate energetic shifts, release of stale energy, regeneration, self healing and reconnection with the pure self.