Connect to Intuition with Rikke Brodin
SAT 10th March 2018  |  2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
£25 | £20 Early Bird 23rd February
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A workshop to deepen our intuitive capacities.

Have you ever felt a mysterious “inner lean”?....this gentle but persistent magnetic pull? - And when you follow it life unravels with so much more ease and flow?

What if our consciousness is made up of layers, and beneath the top layer of mind that only has past memory and a shallow pool of learned knowledge at its disposal, there are other layers of intelligence. Maybe there is an intelligence, that some people call intuition, that is not bound by the dimensions of known spacetime but is connected to the whole web of the universal matrix, and that can be better trusted as a soul compass?

In our efforts to always try to control unimaginable outcomes from the layer of mind - we have numbed our connection to this deeper intelligence, we have been blocking life trying to unfold itself wildly through us, and so in this practice we will use the technologies of mantra, mudra, pranayama, movement and concentration practices to teach you ways to amplify its vibration and to turn on our deep deep inner listening.

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