YOGA NIDRA FAMILY with Ann Pidcock
SUN 22nd April 2018  |  12:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.
SUN 20th May 2018  |  12:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.
SUN 24th June 2018  |  12:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.
1 encounter | £25 | £20 EB Fri 7th April
2 encounters | £36 | £32 EB Fri 7th April
3 encounters | £48 | £42 EB Fri 7th April


More info: [email protected]

A monthly workshop with a different focus each time but always with a full length 40 minute Yoga Nidra to finish.

Yoga: To Yoke or Dissolve Separation
Nidra: Sleep

Yoga Philosophy suggests that within each and every one of us is a True Self.
In this field we are all the same and universally connected.
We could call this true nature ’Home’.

Yoga Nidra is a led meditation that invites us to journey in and remind ourselves home.
It can be done lying down or sitting.

This series of monthly gatherings will give us a chance to explore themes around this profound practice for rest, self care and insight.

The Body: Annamaya Kosha
Energetics: Pranamaya Kosha
The Mind, Feeling and Emotions: Manomaya Kosha

Having a regular meeting place for this beautiful practice is also a way to share your experiences, chat and ask questions about anything that may arise. An opportunity to be in a family of practitioners. Chocolate may also be involved.

You will also receive a free live recording of the Yoga Nidra from the session so you have the option of listening at home.

This is open to absolutely everyone. All are welcome!

Maintain a regular practice with membership: link

Please note that membership holders are entitled to 50% off on all workshops!