UPSIDE JOURNEY: from bunnyhops to handstand with Daniela Olds
SAT 28th April 2018  |  2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
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Inversions are lot of fun, but they also prove to be some of the most challenging postures. Some of the upside down postures (handstand and pincha mayurasana) are designed to lift the energy like an espresso shot in your practise. Some of the others (headstand or shoulderstand) are designed to calm you down.

Focus here will be on the core strength, the use of bandhas (internal body locks), breathing, along with the power flow that is designed to prepare you to get you up there. Get to know your own practice and align your mind and the body, alongside Daniela who will guide you safely through your inversion process and take time to break down key poses. Her key focus is not only to have little fun and explore, but mostly to take time to create internal heat, warm up the body slowly with a creative power sequence that helps you to trust yourself, intuitively taking you to the challenging inversions step by step. There will be bunny hops, (or tucks), transitions and handstands varieties, including tripod headstand. Dani has been practising yoga for over 13 years and is passionate about being upside down.

Whether you want to get into crow - tripod headstand transitions or hold yourself upside down, this workshop will help you to get up and stay up. Be aware those inversions are very addictive, you will want to do it over and over again.

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Photo credit: Manuel Vazquez