SEASONAL FLOW - Inside Out with Paula Andreewitch
SUN 17th June 2018  |  12:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.
PRICE: £25/ £20 EB 1st of June
More info: [email protected]

As the summer approaches and Nature moves, flourishes and expands from the inside into full flower: how can we move in a way that feels like the most natural expression of ourselves?
This workshop will be an exploration of how can we integrate all of our many parts into a whole in order to experience moving (and living) in a way that feels integrated, supported, graceful, strong and free. In this workshop we will explore pathways of connection in the body and move from the inside out. We will play with initiating movement from various parts of our body-mind to explore the inner landscape in movement and stillness.
As we hone our perception to felt detail, we cultivate a sense of nearness to ourselves; a sense of being at home in our body-mind landscape.

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