FRI 1st June 2018  |  3 p.m.-5 p.m.


From Solo into partnering – working with light contact.

Drawing from Martial arts and other partnering techniques we will explore the possibilities of the connection between the upper and lower body through spiraling. We will focus on moving through the space with a partner while maintaining an awareness of our own dance.

Contact Improvisation – soft and strong

We will dedicate some time to work on techniques for lifting and weight exchange, looking at which muscle tone facilitates giving weight in different situations. We’ll bring awareness to the role of the ‘base’ finding freedom and comfort in supporting the partner. There will be an emphasis on creating a sensitive physical dialogue, enhancing the connection between the limbs and the centre of the body.

Trios and More – Grazing and Jamming Contact Improvisation can sometimes be mistaken for a practice that involves only two people at once. Often this can prevent us from enjoying dancing in a larger group. In this session we will work on techniques to work and experiment with configurations that are other than the duet. Aiming at finding an enjoyable and non-committal way of improvising within a group of people without feeling tied down to the first encounter on the dance floor or abandoned if our partner decides to move on from our duet.

Originally from Trento (Italy), Laura Lorenzihas moved to London to pursue her professional training as a dancer. There, she has achieved her First Class degree at London Contemporary Dance School in 2015.
She has performed with a number of choreographers and Companies includingCompanie MF, Flora Wellesley Wesley, Quang Kien Van, Aletta Collins, Mike Ashcroft, Debbi Tiso, Kiung Mi-Hu and Meli Steel.
Laura is one of the funders of The Sparse Collective, a group of international dance artists who specialize in Improvisation into Performance and Immersive Theatre with whom she has performed in Spain, Argentina and London.
In January 2016 she has Joined LEM, ( programa de Entrenamiento para Performers) in Buenos Aires. There, she undertook her personal research on Tango which she is now teaching and performing.

Lewis Wilkins began his movement training in b-boying and capoeira and went on to study at London Contemporary Dance School, graduating with a BA (Hons) 1st degree in 2009. Lewis has performed with companies including Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Richard Alston Dance Company, 2Faced Dance, Tom Dale, James Wilton, John Ross, Riccardo Buscarini, Jean Abreu Dance, TrashDollys Dance Theatre, and Scottish Dance Theatre. Lewis recently worked for a term as a release technique teacher on the BA program at Middlesex University. He has previously lead workshops and classes for Scottish Dance theatre, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance and London Contemporary Dance School. He has also taught open professional class at Greenwich Dance Agency and TripSpace.