Towards Vivencia. Altered States of Consciousness by Jorge Crecis
THU 21st June 2018  |  1 p.m.-5 p.m.

Have you ever wondered what makes an extraordinary performer? Or why some performers have more presence than others?

Have you ever experienced moments where you feel calm, precise, creative and capable of anything? Can you tap into that state of mind at will? How often have you wished to be able to summon that state during an important audition or performance?

This workshop is an introduction of how simple actions can effectively trigger these out-of-the-ordinary states of being that we all had previously experience, but only in random and unpredictable occasions. We will use the body as a gateway those peak performative states, activating a heightened consciousness.

Through highly physical exercises, we will demystify our experience of these extraordinary moments.

Warning! Attending this workshop might result in:

More stable and sustainable motivation
Less burnout from taxing schedules
Uninhibited creativity during creation processes
Greater ability to tame anxiety during auditions
Deeper connection with audiences while performing due to more honest and effective communication on stage Reduction in negative self-judgement and an increase in positive, constructive post-performance reflection

As professional dancers, we have developed highly specific physical skills to work in this demanding profession. These skills have served us well, but sometimes they are not enough. With the right training, it is possible to access vivencia on a daily basis, to experience that extraordinary feeling without being restricted to those rare, random and intangible moments.

If we are to continue to thrive, it is time to head towards the next level.

*Vivencia is a word that incorporates the process of living and fully experiencing life in one. Vivencia can be that electric feeling when we are onstage, focused and fully present within our performance; or when we interact with someone and feel completely and deeply connected; or when we engage in a simple but daunting task (i.e. daily admin) and feel as though we can do it perfectly and for hours without tiring.