From Playtime to mindfulness with Daniela Dale
SAT 21st July 2018  |  2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
£25 | £20 Early Bird 13th July
More info: [email protected]

A fast paced and dynamic workshop with focus on strengthening, the arms, hands, the shoulders and the upper body. The design of this workshop is to get you strong, confident and creative with your physical practice so that the energy can transcend later into your mind, opening up the channels of positive vibrations, navigating your thoughts out - to create a space for mindful empowering energy. They say “you can achieve anything, if you really put your mind to it” this is the intention.

Your relaxation will be a heaven after powerful flow, Yang masculine energy, aiming for strengthening poses and arm balances, with focus on upper body and core strength, smooth transitions and flexibility.

Creative yoga playtime at its best, because it does not always have to serious, finishing off with long deep Yin meditative time to allow the body to cool off, release the endorphins, and deepen the connection of mind and body to access heart and soul.

Please note that membership holders are entitled to 50% off on all workshops!