Beginners Yoga Workshop with Gillian Reeves
SAT 18th January 2020  |  3 p.m.-6 p.m.

More info: [email protected]

Have you considered taking up yoga or deepening your knowledge of yoga alignment to refine your practice?
If yes, come and join us at this workshop!
Don’t worry if you can’t see or touch your toes, all are very welcome from beginners to and all levels of practitioner.

The Yoga basics workshop provides the underlying structure to support you if you are new to be able to enter an open level class with confidence and for advanced students, there are huge benefits from exploring alignment essentials presented in this workshop.
We’ll focus on asana, the physical positioning of the body and take time to break down some key fundamentals that can be applied to all asana.
You will learn how yoga props (equipment) can support you to experience the shape in good alignment as well as breath awareness and how this can give insight both on and off the mat.
We’ll explore some Yoga philosophy and ideas to give you an understanding of how a Yoga practice and the tools it offers can support you in your everyday life.
This may be the start of your journey into the practice or a time after a period of reflection that you’d like to hit the reset button on the direction your moving in by taking time out for yourself to pause.
Yoga is a transformational practice, if you’re interested in making some changes however big or small, the first step is to find what works for you. It may be an active, dynamic asana based class or a restful, restorative practice. We’ll look at both ends of the spectrum in this workshop to give you a taste of what you might like to explore further.

Gillian’s background and professional training in dance gives her a sound understanding of physical movement and a love of music. Over the last twenty years, she has taught various fitness and Pilates classes in London and since 2016 has focused on offering Yoga classes such as Jivamukti Yoga, having trained with David Life and Petros Haffenrichter and Restorative Yoga, having trained with Adelene Cheong. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of movement and stillness practices to support achieving balance in a busy city.

We look forward to welcoming you to yoga and to TripYoga-TripSpace. Namaste.