YOGA for CYCLISTS & RUNNERS workshop with Daniela Olds
SAT 16th March 2019  |  3 p.m.-5 p.m.

More info: [email protected]

An energetic and pacy workshop for fellow yogi cyclists and runners aimed at getting the body warm, strong, flexible and the mind positive, calm and focused.

. The essence of the practice will be deep opening of the lower body: hips, hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. These are all target areas if you are training for a marathons, commuting daily on your bike of just run and cycle routinely.

We will explore forward folds, lunges, frog & pigeon, with slow intro into a breakdown of seated and standing splits using blocks, belts and props.
We will build on strength gradually, embracing the vinyasa movement with breath and activating energy on the mat.

The aim is to use prana (life force) to heat up the physical body and eventually transcending the energy into the mind and heart.

After this creative power yoga section (inclusive of energising vinyasas & chaturangas) we will flow into holding more challenging / strengthening poses and eventually adding silent yin poses for deep stretch to melt into the body’s fascia.

We will then close with an effective pranayama exercise to allow stillness and peace to enter the mind.

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