SAT 31st August 2019  |  2:45 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
£35 single /£60 two ppl ticket

A powerful combination of acupuncture and yogic techniques to support your physical, mental and emotional health. Yes - this is as good as it sounds!

In this ninety minute workshop you will be guided through a series of long held, deep stretching asana (postures) and taught yogic pranayama (breathing) techniques, to release tension in the body / mind complex.

You will each then receive an acupuncture treatment designed to rebalance your neurological and energetic systems, culminating in a transcendental state of relaxation, AKA the ‘floating on a cloud’ effect.

We are in the time of the Fire Element during summer, so this workshop will focus on the associated meridians of the Heart and the Small Intestine.

Treating these aspect of ourselves helps to support our emotional and psychological balance. When the Fire of the Heart goes out we feel apathy and joylessness, when the Fire of the Heart burns too strong we have dream disturbed sleep, insomnia and restless anxiety. The energy of the Small Intestine enables us to sort the pure from the impure in life, allowing us to make clear decisions about what serves us and what we need to get rid of. When we balance the energies of Fire we can we experience joy, compassion and abundance.

This format is totally original, and was created by Clara who strives to innovate the provision of therapeutic practises and make profound healing accessible to all.

Clara is a yoga teacher and acupuncturist, who specialises in and teaches the form acupuncture which she will be applying in the workshop. Her knowledge Chinese Medicine informs her yoga classes, which in this workshop will be specifically designed to support and enhance the treatments received.