Intuitive Moves workshop with Aneta Zwierzynska
SAT 16th November 2019  |  3 p.m.-7 p.m.
£40/£35 Early Bird b4 8th November
Open Level Movement Workshop with Aneta Zwierzynska
Sharing more then 16 years of professional experience from different movement disciplines.

The concepts we will be looking at will include:

- Analyzing and breaking up specific movement drills
- Transitions
- Flow
- Effortless
- Technique
- Resilient body
- Center
- Analyzing initiation of the movement
- Body in the upside down positions
- Decision making
- Balance
- Challenge - Person-hood (self confidence)
- Awareness (body mind presence)
- Limitation
- Body in the relation to the self, space, other person
- Strong and soft
- Instinctive body
- Adaptable body
- Muscular activation and deactivation
- Body Integrity
- Spiral dynamics and vortex
- Attack and release
- Movement and breath


As a multidisciplinary mover I would like to share with you some examples and insights into my training which helped me to create body able to adapt to various physical challenges and movement stimulus.
I am going to introduce students to the results of many years worth movement research between my capoeira, practice and my training as a professional dancer.
My teaching approach is influenced by pedagogical methods of different Capoeira Masters and Dance teachers, Masters of Qi Gong, Movement teachers I have been training with all around Europe and Brazil.
During workshops i priorities ethical and individual approach to the students and supportive group dynamic that’s why the upcoming training has limited spaces available.


This workshop is the result of over 16 years of research and physical practice within many different movement cultures. Using mediums such as Soft Acrobatics, Floor Work, Qi Gong, Release Technique, Flying Low, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation and some Capoeira concepts of playfulness and resilient body.
I would like to explore the body in the relation to self, others and the concepts of internal and external space. We will investigate ways to incorporate the total physical awareness necessary for Capoeira, whose roots partly lie in the art of fighting, into the more meditative world of release technique.
The aim is to introduce the possibility of building soft transitions between different movement forms and between different movement dynamics. We will be looking at the importance of breathing, physical and internal space, mental preparation, the psychosomatic system and the anatomy to search for the most effective way to use the body in specific movement tasks, flow and movement sequences.


Aneta Zwierzynska is a professional dancer, performer, capoeira teacher and choreographer. Aneta obtained a double MA degree from Anton Bruckner University in Austria in Movement Research and Dance Pedagogy. She has trained and worked in Poland, Greece, France, Portugal, Austria, Brazil and the U.K. Her movement research was sponsored by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland. Her first movement research was carried out in Brazil based on the possibility to exchange the knowledge and experience from contemporary dance and capoeira practice. Her second master degree was inspired by the Dance movement Psychotherapist Beatrice Allegranti from Roheampton University.
She based her thesis on exploring the topics of body politics and embodied ethics. In her pedagogical and movement practice Aneta is using her knowledge and experience from different movement cultures such as: contemporary dance, release technique, yoga, gyro-kinesis, qi gong, capoeira , flying low, floor work, bartenieff fundamentals, spiral dynamics and contact improvisation. She was performing with various dance companies in Europe and Brazil. Some which include E33 Dance Company (Rambert Theatre), Guarini Dance Company, Animal Radio, Sean Graham, Alter Dance, Theatre, Modrzejewska, Breaking Convention (Saddler Wells Theatre), Liz King, D.ID, Tanztheater Springschuh (Tanz Quartier), and Schauaacker Feat Cia, Teater Avatar, Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre.
She was also main choreographer of a life performance by Eliza Wren/ LoEx music . She teaches regular classes and workshops and promotes her unique combination of contemporary dance and capoeira. She teaches professional classes internationally for such as institutions as Artdanse Toulouse, Danc.c.e Athens Greece , Studio 26s -Thessaloniki, The Place London, London Studio Center. In 2016, she was selected to be the main choreographer for the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture. Aneta is also certificated Yoga teacher by Nepal Yoga Home.