SAT 29th February 2020  |  3 p.m.-5 p.m.
SUN 19th April 2020  |  12:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.

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Workshop 1 | Opposites Integrate | 29th February

The integration of opposites is seen everywhere in nature, and is an inherent aspect of our bodies' wisdom. We will explore the earliest expressions of this relationship in our development, and how honouring both can relate to finding a sense of effortless effort and enjoyment in our practice - asana and beyond. We will take a little trip down developmental memory lane with a focus on the front body and back body, and will explore through discussion and somatic movement exercises, and finally apply our findings to asana with a focus on backbends.

Workshop 2 | Gravity & Levity | 19th April

This workshop we will explore the embryology of the limbs and how our infant movement patterns can inform our adult movement experience. Working with movement principles that underly all movement we take a look at a global approach to aligning the body as it moves through space. This session will include discussion, somatic movement explorations, partner work, and a playful adventure into applying our findings to balancing poses and inversions.

Please note: each encounter is independent so one can book just for the single sessions, however they are also INTERDEPENDENT: so if you attend both you will be able to make connections and build upon what you have learnt... in addition to benefitting from a discount!Please note that Rolling membership holders are entitled to 30% off on all workshops!