immigrants and animals' lead UNPROFESSIONAL CLASS
FRI 16th January 2015  |  11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
FRI 23rd January 2015  |  11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Unprofessional class


the idea is to share an 'alternative' practice that isn't about getting better at anything other than being present and dancing as you want and we create a space that enables that.

immigrants and animals’ unprofessional class is for the self-proclaimed dancer who doesn’t give a fuck about being professional and just wants to keep dancing. this class is the most vague performance practice score. we are practicing being present. we are practicing existing.

come share in our practice which is basically fucking about for ages in a room, getting tired and calling it work. most likely there’ll be some karaoke.

we don’t believe that we have anything to teach but we would like to share the space with you. maybe we learn by keeping on going. work it out.

we will start at a later time than professional class usually does. there will be loud music and constant dancing - also some singing.

we would encourage non-professional people who want to dance to come also.

statement of intent/anti-professional manifesto

we think being a professional mover-abouter in-front of other people is brilliant and weird and ridiculous. we remain dancers for hobby not only dancers for money. we are unprofessional dancers. not leaving our lives at the door of the studio and becoming clean dancing machines, but bringing our shit inside and getting dirty. we think nine or ten in the morning is far too early to go to class, that dressing in all navy blue brings good qi to the studio and that dancing on a stage need not look different to dancing in a club or a kitchen.

we think of dancing as something that we both do and enjoy and also as a space, and at the same time a tool, for working out our positions and continuing our conversations. rather than exploring our ideas through a specific kind of movement, or our work being an investigation into movement itself, we work on framing our conversations and our dancing in ways that have a theatrical intent, or a level of artifice that intends to produce a state of being in both the watchers and the doers. we are interested in what our performance does rather than what the dancing might look like.


immigrants and animals work between London and Helsinki and is fronted by Jamila Johnson-Small and Mira Kautto. Our work is a continual investigation into how we can present our different female bodies with agency on stage and why we might choose to parade ourselves in-front of a public in the first place. We have been working together since 2010 to make dances of resistance that explore the politics and perversities of casual desires.

We launch Unprofessional Class as we present The Lone Wolf, the Dark Horse and the Underdog at Rich Mix on the evening of the 16th of January. The first in the series of UK-Finnish exchange performance events, the event is a celebration of baselessness, a performance night that is both cultural exchange and interference. The night includes performances from immigrants and animals (UK/FI), Anna Torkkel (FI) and a new commission for Zinzi Minott.