Inversion Immersion
SAT 4th July 2015  |  4 p.m.-6 p.m.
£20/cons £18
Inversion Immersion with Paula

Curious about life upside down?

Want to take your inversion to the next level? Join handstand addict and yogini Paula in this fun inversion workshop looking at creative ways to navigate getting upside down.

We will break down key alignment, play with fun transitions and variations and flow through some asana sequences designed to open and strengthen the body for inversions.
We will also look at how to take care of our wrists, and how to get upside down without stressing the body out, maintaining the calm, nourishing parasympathetic tone of our nervous system.

Expect to move, play, sweat, laugh and get caught up in the process of practice!

booking recommended: [email protected] or buy ticket now: link