Kung Fu Hips with Adam Husler
SUN 31st January 2016  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
£25/ £20 Early Bird before 17th Jan
Prepare to fuse the martial arts inspired practice of Budokon Yoga with more traditional hatha yoga in a workshop where we’ll we seek to gain functional strength and dynamic movement from a fun and fluid practice. A significant chunk of workshop will be full of strong, ever flowing, dynamic movements including some fun and sweaty motion inspired by the animal world. The pace will be reigned in at times to begin to work deeply in to the hips from all angles and explore floating transitions, arm balance and spinal articulation.

Budokon Yoga unites the distinctive elements of two worlds, martial arts and yoga, to offer the benefits of both disciplines: self-awareness, concentration, courage, emotional and physical healing, and freedom from fear.

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With experience in the boxing ring, on ultra marathon routes, studying law and with 9 years of having a yoga mat in hand, Adam brings something unique to the yoga mix. Based in London, Adam teaches regular classes, international events and retreats, while also being one of the Boys of Yoga. Specialising in Alignment Based Vinyasa Yoga (studying under Jason Crandell) and Budokon Yoga (studying under Cameron Shayne), Adam’s creatively sequenced classes feature long holds, controlled movements, intelligent alignment and deep exploration of depth in postures.

Book two workshops and get 10% off the Early Bird Price!
contact: [email protected]