Satsang with Ann Pidcock
SUN 24th January 2016  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
SUN 21st February 2016  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
SUN 20th March 2016  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
£20/£18 conc.
Satsang is an ancient Sanskrit word. It means sitting together in truth – hanging out in mutual authenticity, without artifice or pretence in order to feel and commune with the core of each other.
The TripSpace Satsang is a chance to gather together as a community of people that have an interest in knowing more about the extensive and fascinating Yoga tradition.

Each month has a different theme based class alongside a Hatha Flow practice to prepare the body for a full length Yoga Nidra.
Yoga Nidra is a deeply restorative and nourishing experience, designed to welcome us home to our authentic self.
The word Nidra means 'sleep', and as the name suggests it is a guided practice which requires no effort, just awareness.

This Months Satsang focuses on Ganesh.
The Elephant Boy Deity representative of New Beginnings and the Removal of Obstacles.
Join Ann for a fun session of fluid sequencing with storytelling and creative Asana.
As usual this will be followed by a full length Yoga Nidra (sleep meditation) delicious Chai Tea and Trip Energy Bites.
This is a lovely opportunity to engage with the TripYoga community and learn more about the extensive tradition of Yoga.
Booking required: [email protected] or 20th of March Billetto

Ann has been teaching Yoga across London for the past 6 years.
Since her original training with the Danny DeVille she has continued to delve deeper and deeper into this fascinating and beautiful practice. She delights in running these longer sessions as a chance to offer a very rich and holistic approach. Perfectly crafted for all levels and anyone looking to revive and renew on a Sunday.

more on Ann here: link
Facebook: Annie Yoga